Professional DIY Calibration Just Became Much More Affordable


Last Updated: January 23, 2015 7:35 pm GMT
(January 23, 2015) We go to great lengths to deliver well calibrated monitors to all of our customers, but like all displays FSI monitors will benefit from regular recalibration over time. It is for this reason that we offer our free recalibration service at both our European and US offices. However, the expense and downtime of shipping units back and forth has long made third party do-it-yourself calibration software an attractive option. An in-house calibration solution also provides you with an unparalleled level of confidence in your display's setup as you can check and recalibrate as often as needed without guessing as to how much a display has drifted over time. This confidence factor alone makes a color management solution a wise investment, but the problem in the past has always been the high cost of entry for truly professional grade calibration options. That's why we are excited to announce several new professional-level calibration options for FSI Monitors that greatly reduce this cost related barrier of entry to accurate in-house calibration.

Industry leaders LightIllusion and SpectraCal have both already offered FSI compatible calibration solutions for several years. Now FSI has negotiated special offers on FSI specific releases of these respective solutions at greatly reduced prices to place flexible, affordable, and accurate in-house calibration solutions within reach for all of our clients. Click on any of the items below to learn more about these great new solutions available exclusively through Flanders Scientific.

Exciting New LightSpace Options

LightSpace FSI LTE with i1D3
Just $645!

LightSpace FSI PRO
Only $995!

What about LUT Conversion?
LightSpace FSI LUTs is now just $60!

LightSpace FSI PRO with CR100

The new industry benchmark for fast measuring and accurate colorimeters coupled with LightSpace CMS for just $5,900!
Incredible New CalMAN Options

CalMAN for FSI (software only)
Just $549!

CalMAN for FSI with i1D3
Just $699!

CalMAN for FSI with C6 &Virtual Forge
Now Just $1,249!

CalMAN FSI, Virtual Forge, and CR100
The new industry benchmark for fast measuring and accurate colorimeters coupled with CalMAN for FSI for just $5,900!

Have questions about calibration or monitors? Give us a call at +1.678.835.4934 or e-mail and we will be happy to help.

Minor Firmware Update

As a follow up to the monitor firmware release earlier this week a new minor update has been posted today. In addition to all features added as part of the major release earlier this week this firmware version does the following:
  • Fixes Color Space name bug on popup ID window.
  • Adds new custom marker: LIFETIME
  • Beta support of scopes in new 2 input split screen modes.
As always firmware updates are available free of charge at


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