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New stable of filmmakers begin production on debut movie.

Last Updated: January 23, 2015 7:42 pm GMT
(January 23, 2015) ‘The Blackout’ is an exciting new feature film being produced in Preston, Lancashire in 2015. The film depicts the lives of everyday people as they strive to survive a devastating all-power-Blackout. With there currently being not much of the film industry to speak of in Preston the filmmakers are starting from scratch, with the idea being not only make a quality film, but to highlight and develop the talent, skills and passion that are available in Lancashire. The film currently in preproduction will shoot in the summer with the ambition being to have the first screening in Preston in winter 2015.

The story follows six characters through their everyday lives in a small Northern English City when an unexpected and incredible event happens. With no warning, they are instantly thrown into the dark ages when suddenly everything electrical ceases to work, from cars and phones to life-support machines. With no power to communicate, travel, or even boil a kettle. The film follows their individual struggles over the first night of this event and the devastating consequences as the characters realise that they can’t rely on power anymore, they have to rely on each other.

It is not only the story that’s interesting here, but also the structure of this production. The concept started from the principal that there were many talented filmmakers in Preston, who have produced fantastic short films, how could they make the leap to feature films, while staying here in Preston, which lacks the infrastructure of the wider British Film Industry.

Alan Livesey the originator of the project had a solution, a multi narrative story that weaves in and out of several characters stories, where each characters section can be produced as though it were a high quality short film by a smaller production team. Essentially designing a whole film to be shot by separate units, wherein those units are established production teams who, may have struggled with the scale of a feature but already know how to produce great shorts. Therefore, in pooling their resources and talent, these filmmakers can make a high quality feature without having to make the leap form short to feature in one go. As a result producing a film similar in structure to that of ‘Love Actually’ or ‘Crash’.

The core production team, a group of passionate individuals who were brought together by the projects now Co-ordinating Director, Alan Livesey, are working hard on finalising the script and seeking the necessary funding for the film.

They production wants to utilise, and provide and outlet for, as much home-grown talent as possible while bringing in industry professionals. Alan, a screenwriter and former University of Central Lancashire student, whose work stretches from Preston to Los Angeles, wants to kick-start a small slice of the British Film Industry here in Lancashire.

He said, “I feel this is a great opportunity and while we want to use the project to develop the emerging and local talent we are also looking for national and international industry veterans to join the production, creating a transfer of skills in the process. I want ‘The Blackout’ to be a great example of what can be achieved when such creative talents pool their abilities.”

Casting will shortly be getting underway and the crews are currently being assembled, so now is the best time to get in touch to join the production. Momentum is strong going into 2015, the production will be looking to fill as many roles as possible from Directors to Extras, Make-up artists to Catering, or just those who simply want to lend a helping hand, everyone is welcome to contact the production via their website or social media.

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About The Blackout Film Project

The Blackout Project started as a way to get into making feature films. I was debating on whether I was ready to take that step from short form film into features, and wondered whether I had the resources and networks to make one. And then I thought, I know a few filmmakers in the same position as me, what if we all worked together to make a feature? So I started talking with local filmmakers, and came up with this concept for the Blackout.

Now, three months down the line, we've got a core team of project co-ordinators, six writers working hard on our feature script , and already over 50 applicants with various skills ready to get involved with the Blackout Project.

About Alan Livesey

Alan Livesey (27), a former UCLan student of the year, independent filmmaker and screenwriter, had his first commissioned screenwriting project by the final year of his degree. After producing his film ‘Dominic’ in Los Angeles as part of the 5000 Miles Project, he was award the Robert Beers Prize at the 5000 Miles Screening for all his accolades and dedication through his studies. Most recently he had his first commissioned film screened at the LIFE Film Festival granted the honour of ‘Opening Film’ of the opening night.


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