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Last Updated: February 2, 2015 1:31 pm GMT
(February 2, 2015) Brian O'Shea, The Exchange CEO, announced today, that The Exchange acquired worldwide rights for Kelsey Grammer's BREAKING THE BANK.

The Exchange will be screening the feature for international buyers at the 2015 EFM in Berlin, Feb 5-12.

The completed comedy BREAKING THE BANK stars Kelsey Grammer , Tamsin Greig (SHAUN OF THE DEAD, THE SECOND BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL), John Michael Higgins (PITCH PERFECT 2, BAD TEACHER), is directed by Vadim Jean (winner of the 1992 FIPRESCI prize: LEON THE PIGFARMER) written by Roger Devlin, and produced by Jake Seal (Black Hangar Studios).

BREAKING THE BANK is the story of Charles Bunbury (GRAMMER) who is the bumbling, affable chairman of Tuftons, a historic bank based in London. Chairman more in name than in practice, Bunbury married into the position and spends most of his time on the golf course. But when a rogue trader leaves Tuftons skating on thin ice, Charles must transform himself from a labrador of Liverpool Street into a wolf of Wall Street to save the company from rival American and Japanese banks. In a risky move, he ends up breaking the bank, losing both his wife and her family fortune in the process. At rock bottom, Charles's only hope of saving the bank and winning his wife back is a homeless, self-taught financial wizard and his estranged, anti-capitalist daughter. It's not much of a team, and they don't have much of a plan, so it's probably just as well that Charles doesn't understand how shorting and hedging might win him the day.

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