Radar Studios Debuts at Super Bowl Twice!


Last Updated: February 2, 2015 9:53 pm GMT
(February 2, 2015) Super Bowl viewers saw the premiere of not one, but two commercials produced by Radar Studios: McDonald's "Lovin' Pays," directed by Sam Macon for Leo Burnett, and WeatherTech's "America At Work," directed by Radar founder Don Hoeg for Pinnacle Advertising and as a co-production between Radar Studios with WeatherTech’s in-house marketing group. Radar’s Mark P. Smith edited both spots.

In "Lovin' Pays," several randomly selected McDonald's customers discover that they may pay for their food orders by performing acts of kindness or making human connections, instead of with money. These lucky customers are given the opportunity to call their mom, do a dance, share a compliment, or high-five with their server as payment for their order. The promotion associated with this campaign will run at McDonald's restaurants through Valentine's Day.

The spot was created over three days by shooting real McDonald's customers with hidden cameras while Director Sam Macon coached the cashiers through an earpiece. "Sam's experience directing both scripted pieces and documentary films was absolutely essential to us being able to make this piece," says Radar Executive Producer Graham Gangi. "He could construct an environment that allowed maximum control visually and left room for spontaneity to happen." Macon likens the process to mining. "If I just did documentary or just did scripted material, it would have been very hard to do this. We were constructing moments but not manipulating outcomes. It was essential to the client that we showed real customers and their real reactions," Macon says.

Watch the McDonald’s Lovin’ Pays spot here - http://www.radarstudios.com/directors/macon/

"America At Work" shows a day in the life at WeatherTech's manufacturing facility. The day begins with the factory "waking up" as the coffee pot’s button is pushed and a worker dons safety goggles. Director Don Hoeg choreographed a rhythmic symphony that guides the viewer's flight through the manufacturing process for WeatherTech's line of premium custom floor liners and automotive accessories.

"Our long collaboration with Pinnacle and WeatherTech’s in-house marketing group has been successful, in part, because we work together to look for ways to push each spot forward visually while also expanding the brand's story. In this case, we focused on WeatherTech's commitment to American workers, technology, and materials which result in a true "made in the USA" product “says director Don Hoeg. "WeatherTech makes premium products, and we want to reflect that quality and attention to detail in the spot." He found design inspiration at WeatherTech's manufacturing facility itself. "The operation is designed to make you feel like you're watching an Indy 500 pit crew.”

Watch the WeatherTech spot here - http://www.radarstudios.com/directors/hoeg/

"We're thrilled to have two national spots in this year's Super Bowl," says Gangi, "And we're even more thrilled to have two global clients who place their confidence and loyalty in Radar Studios and the Chicago production community."

CREDITS “Lovin Pays”

CLIENT: McDonald’s

AGENCY: Leo Burnett


Director: Samuel Macon

EP: Graham Gangi

Head of Production: Eve Cross

POST: RADAR STUDIOS Editor: Mark P. Smith

CREDITS “America At Work”

CLIENT: WeatherTech

AGENCY: Pinnacle


Director: Don Hoeg

EP: Graham Gangi
Head of Production: Eve Cross


Editor: Mark P. Smith

Director: Steven Gray

Post Producer: Karen Campagna


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