2015 Marks Significant VFX Expansion For SPLICE®; Creative Studio Welcomes VFX Artist Chris Rainey


Last Updated: February 11, 2015 11:13 pm GMT
(Minneapolis, MN--February 11, 2015) In addition to the recent expansion of its visual effects capabilities, the award-winning creative studio SPLICE® is responding to increased demand for its VFX services by adding to its roster of the best and brightest. The latest addition to the team is VFX Artist Chris Rainey.

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Rainey joins the SPLICE team equipped with a unique perspective developed at the Art Institute of Atlanta. In addition, he offers a high-level of technical expertise that is the result of over 10 years in the field of Animation.

“There were a number of different factors that went into my decision to join SPLICE,” explains Rainey. “Foremost, I had spent the bulk of my career in Commercials doing finishing and motion graphics, and SPLICE gave me an opportunity to move over to VFX. I had been looking to make the switch to VFX for some time, but was hesitant to move to Los Angeles or Canada to play the Freelance game. SPLICE was the right combination of great work and great location.”

But for SPLICE, it was Rainey who had the right combination – of talent and temperament. “It’s one thing to know your stuff, but making the most of it requires being a team-player,” says Barb Condit, SPLICE Partner. “In the world of post-production, many unique personalities blend as one toward a common creative goal – the sum of the parts. Working well with a variety of teams comes naturally to Chris.”

Even so, ask Rainey, and he’ll tell you that SPLICE is the natural. “Another consideration was the great team they’ve put together,” he adds. “There’s a wide range of talent and skill sets at SPLICE, and it makes the work a lot more fun when you’re doing it with other artists that you respect and can learn from.”

Given the amount of VFX work coming through the door, there’s plenty of opportunity for teamwork. Last year, SPLICE expanded from just 13 hours of broadcast television/VFX projects to over 60 hours. A big part of that was the studio’s continued work on H2’s “AMERICA UNEARTHED,” created and produced by Committee Films. SPLICE also has a new partnership with another national production company, which is working on a series of new, VFX-laden shows. Additionally, SPLICE Co-Founder/Editor, Clayton Condit, just returned from spending the fall on-set in Italy, where he collaborated with Director Eric Howell (“Ana’s Playground,” “Strangers”) on the edit for Howell’s feature film debut, “Voice from the Stone.” The film will make its way to the SPLICE VFX team later this year for Audio, Design, and visual effects, as well as Color and Finishing.

Rainey sees all of this as a chance to put innovation to the test. “The projects we’ve got in the works are really exciting, and require a lot of different types of effects,” he notes. “So you get an opportunity to really flex your VFX muscles and use a lot of different techniques. Plus, we’ve got access to all the software, so you’re not hindered by the limitations of any specific software. If you know how to get something done in a different package, that’s encouraged.”

For Condit, it means knowing that the power of today’s technology is in the right hands. “The hallmark of a pro is the ability to make it look easy,” she says. “In that sense, Chris is always at the top of his game, applying complex programs to achieve leading-edge results. Chris is one of the wizards behind the curtain. Like a magician, he manipulates concrete techniques to produce effects that appear beyond the real.”

About SPLICE®:
SPLICE® is an award-winning studio, designing and creating engaging entertainment solutions. An eclectic mix of artists includes creative direction, design, animation, vfx, edit, color and sound with the support of a powerful team of technologists. We partner with global brands, agencies, networks and content creators to tell visually compelling stories in unique ways across all platforms. Collaborations include feature films, broadcast television, commercials, experiential design, and retail networks.


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