Brickyard VFX Breathes Life into Disneyland Short


Last Updated: February 11, 2015 7:25 pm GMT
(Santa Monica, California--February 11, 2015) Boutique visual effects, animation and digital production studio Brickyard VFX recently completed animated short film "Soar" for Disney Parks in collaboration with director Claire Jantzen of Adolescent Content. The short, via ad agency mcgarrybowen Chicago together with Disney's in-house agency Yellow Shoes, is slated to air in theaters as well as on the Disney Channel.

In order to make Jantzen's short film concept "Soar" a reality, Brickyard's team designed an animation style that would incorporate both live action talent shot in a stop motion style, along with chalkboard animation.

Initially, Brickyard created a pre-visualization of the entire :90 film to choreograph the body positions of the actors interacting with the illustrated elements in each scene. The Brickyard team, along with Jantzen, photographed a series of single frame stills of the talent, repositioning their poses frame-by-frame, using the previz as an alignment guide. Following the two-day shoot, Brickyard's Animation Director David Blumenfeld and Designer Anton Thallner began creating the chalk-animated world in colorful detail complete with iconic Disney films characters. Brickyard artists hand drew and photographed chalk illustrations on a real blackboard and digitally integrated them into the stop motion sequence to give the film a textural quality of practical photography. All of the backgrounds, from forests and underwater seascapes to a stormy sky and a pirate ship, were later animated digitally, with the stop motion talent composited in the foreground.

"It was a pleasure to work with social media influencer Claire Jantzen, who has been called an 'Instagram sensation' and has a talent for photography and storytelling as fresh as her 15 years," said Brickyard's Managing Partner Steve Michaels. "If you ever wondered what creative youth could do with the resources of professional filmmakers, this is your answer."

About Brickyard VFX
Brickyard is a digital production studio skilled in high-end visual effects, animation, design and creative development for advertising, feature films and emerging media. With shops in Boston and Santa Monica, Brickyard is artist-centric at the core, fostering a close collaboration of not only artist-to-director but the entire creative team. Within a cozy eclectic production space, Brickyard assembles a customized crew of designers, animators, and compositors for every project. For company information please contact Kirsten with Brickyard VFX Atlantic at (617) 262-3220 or Jeff with Brickyard VFX Pacific at (310) 453-5722, or visit .

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Advertising Agency: mcgarrybowen
Executive Creative Director: Kurt Fries
Client: Yellow Shoes Creative
Production Director, Advertising: Michael Antonucci

Production Company: Adolescent Content
Executive Producer: Hope Farley
Creative Director: Ramaa Mosley
Director: Claire Jantzen

Animation / VFX: Brickyard VFX
Executive Producer: Jeff Blodgett
Animation Director: David Blumenfeld
Animator: Anton Thallner
Illustrator: Chase Webb
CG Modeler: Nicholas Gennovario


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