NEW WORK: Imaginary Forces dives into 40 years of nostalgia for comedy's elite in SNL 40 special


Last Updated: February 18, 2015 10:38 am GMT
(New York, New York--February 18, 2015) Imaginary Forces peers back on some of the most iconic comedians of the past four decades and the career-defining moments that still make us laugh in the opening sequence for Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary Special. The open takes slices in time from the live sketch comedy show’s star-studded tenure, weaving in timeless characters and sketches in a graphic horizontal timeline of the show’s history. The three-hour special that featured the open aired on Sunday, February 15th.


to view the opening.

Imaginary Forces also crafted a series of promos for the special announcing the show’s celebrity lineup that aired during NBC’s broadcast of Super Bowl XLIX.

The Imaginary Forces team, led by directors Jeremy Cox and Alan Williams, sought to bring a fresh perspective to the iconic title sequence, while still maintaining enough of the standard elements to remain authentic to longtime fans. Starting with the show’s extensive history, they chose content to emphasize the wide variety of footage that the show has produced over the years, while also highlighting the reciprocal NYC influence on the show. Editor Nate Buchik worked closely to refine the cut to incorporate the vast list of guest stars for the special while maintaining a fluid graphic theme throughout.

Notes Cox, “It was exhilarating to collaborate with a team that is so seasoned at producing a whole new show each week and acclimating to this accelerated creative timeline. It was great working with the entire SNL team and being trusted with the creative freedom to help kick off this monumental special in a manner appropriate to the magnitude of the talent.”


Client: NBC/Saturday Night Live

Producer: Rhys Thomas

Designed & Produced By: Imaginary Forces

Directors: Jeremy Cox, Alan Williams

Executive Producer: Sarah Roebuck

Editor: Nate Buchik

Producer: Kacie Barton

Designers: Maggie Tsao, Jeremy Cox, Juan Monasterio

2D Animators: Toros Kose, Andy Mastrocinque, Adam Tanner

Coordinator: CJ Trahan II

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