Jordan Brand Teams With Stardust & AKQA For "Last Shot" Immersive Experience at "All Star Weekend"


Jordan Brand Teams With Stardust & AKQA For “Last Shot” Immersive Experience at “All Star Weekend”

Last Updated: February 25, 2015 9:18 pm GMT
(Santa Monica, California--February 25, 2015) Jordan Brand teamed with Creative Shop Stardust and Innovation Agency AKQA, to create “The Last Shot,” an Immersive Experience which marked one of the pinnacle events at this past month’s “All Star Weekend” in New York City. The creative team at Stardust collaborated closely with the brand and AKQA to deliver an experiential re-creation of two of Michael Jordan’s most memorable “Last Shots,” as well as a third, unique future-facing shot.

To view elements from “Last Shot,” go here:

“The key to success with any immersive interactive experience is to create the tightest feedback loop possible,” explains Stardust Managing Partner Dexton Deboree. “Stardust has become experts in crafting brand narratives, while AKQA are the masters of technology and user experiences. So between us and the strong and innovative Marketing team inside Jordan Brand, there was always this flow from Story to Technology and Physical Logistics that resulted in the Nephew’s (Consumer) experience.”

According to Deboree, once a technical spec changed or a physical logistic pushed against the plan, the story would then shift. “As a true ‘think tank’ of creative minds, we would always run it back through the filter of the end-user’s experience to ensure that a shift in technology, physical logistics, or narrative still provided for the experience we had intended from the outset,” he notes. “Judging by the results, we succeeded in doing just that.”

Client: Jordan Brand
Title: ASW “Last Shot Experience”

Digital Agency: AKQA SF
Executive Creative Director: Stephen Clements
Group Creative Director: Dwayne Koh
Associate Creative Directors: Eamonn Dixon, Daniel Grech, Dave Knopf
Copywriter: Will Sands
Associate Art Director: Dave Ruiz
Client Partner: Allison Gabrys
Account Director: Jon Freshwater
Group Technical Director: Nicholas Mitrousis
Associate Creative Technologist: Lix Dizon
Senior Producer: Frank Brooks
Quality Assurance Analyst: Noah Reson-Brown

Content/Production Company: Stardust/Santa Monica & New York
Executive Creative Director: Seth Epstein
Managing Partner: Dexton Deboree
Senior Account Manager/EP: Martha Smith
Executive Producer: Shannon Lords
CD/Director: Sean Dougherty
DP: David Lanzenberg
Post Producer: Sean Sullivan
Associate Producer: Nicholas Thomas
Line Producer: Scott Ludden
Lead Designer: Angela Ko
Designers: Luis Salcedo, Piero Desopo
2D Animation/Compositor: Tom Kenney, Aaron Frebowitz
VFX Supervisor: Nick Losq
VFX Producer: Lloyd Desouza
VFX Lead Compositor: Chris Klein
Media Manager: Ian Gibson

Music/Sound Design Company: Echolab/Dublin, Ireland
Composer/Sound Designer: Gavin Little

Audio Postproduction Company: LIME/Santa Monica
Mixer: Tom Paolantononio
Producer: Susie Boyajan

About Stardust:

Stardust is a design-centric, fully-integrated production company, focusing on performance and element-based live action, design, animation, graphics and VFX, with offices in Santa Monica and New York. The company’s collective of directors, designers, illustrators, animators, editors, writers and VFX artists continually aspire to redefine creativity for commercial, music video, digital, social and long-form projects. Stardust has worked with such clients as Jordan, Sonos, Mercedes, Audi, Target, Corona Beer, McDonald’s, Toyota, Lowes, Bacardi, WeChat and Samsung.


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