Lucky Post's Sai Selvarajan Shapes "Hands" & "Dance" For Gold Bond via Agency 31,000 FT


Last Updated: March 2, 2015 9:38 pm GMT
(March 2, 2015) Hands and feet are the industrious and artful starring characters in the new campaign for Gold Bond edited by Lucky Post’s Sai Selvarajan for agency 31,000 FT. Shot with loving attention to detail by Theresa Wingert, the spots feature interwoven vignettes that present the impassioned intensity to which we subject our bodies, and what we can do to help them in return. Each spot presents a compelling narrative about emotional and physical nature of touch and movement.

Watch them here:

“There was wealth of stunningly beautiful footage from which I looked to make connections though similarities in shape and energy, so that the story would build and flow into a larger story about the brand,” comments Sai Selvarajan. “It was my first time working with the agency team and I really appreciated their trust with this project.”

"The Gold Bond work was a terrific opportunity to bring what we call our ’31,000 FT. higher level benefit’ to life,” explains Kristina Blake, Creative Director, 31,000 FT. “These spots were crafted to tell the story of the brand in a very compelling and resonant way. We had an amazing collaboration with Sai, whose talents were perfectly suited to this project. Sai’s interpretation of the content struck the emotional chord we seek for this brand. His discerning eye found the most artful way through the immense and gorgeous footage – shot by Theresa Wingert – to truly make the most of our vision. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him. These spots are gems and true showcase pieces for Gold Bond.”

Spot Titles: “Hands” & “Dance”

Agency: 31,000 FT
CEO: Carter Keith
Creative Director/Copywriter: Kristina Blake
Creative Director/Art Director: Dean Hlavinka
Producer: Jeanne Dooley

Production Company: FIONA
Director: Theresa WIngert
EP: Alex Carone

Editorial Company: Lucky Post
Editor: Sai Selvarajan


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