The Molecule Celebrates 10 Years of Visual Effects and Motion Graphics


Bi-Coastal Company Leads the Way in a Changing VFX Landscape

Last Updated: March 4, 2015 10:29 pm GMT
(March 4, 2015) The Molecule, a leader in the Visual Effects and Post-Production scene, will be observing their 10-year anniversary this year in New York City and Los Angeles. The celebration follows their recent successes in Visual Effects for several high-profile film and TV releases including A Walk Among The Tombstones, The Giver, The Butler, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” (Netflix), “The Americans” (FX), and Golden Globe-winner “The Affair” (Showtime).

"It's been an amazing journey to grow as much as we have,” says Molecule CEO Chris Healer. “Ten years ago we had a vision of making an influence in the Visual Effects community, and it’s incredible to see that becoming a reality."

The Molecule began in 2005 with three employees. After taking on the Visual Effects for hit shows such as “Rescue Me” (FX) and “Damages” (USA), they quickly found a foothold in the booming New York VFX industry. They have since expanded to Los Angeles and now employ over 50 artists, and The Molecule remains a pioneer in the VFX community in the city that gave them their start.

Andrew Bly, Principal and Executive Producer at The Molecule, speaks to the industry’s unprecedented growth, “New York went from having a handful of television shows and a few indie features to now having more projects than we could have ever dreamed of. With all the help from our local government, we’ve had a front row seat to watching the city and state become a desired location for post-production.”

Bly also credits the strength of the VFX community in New York as an important part of their success. “It’s been vital for the community to unite through organizations such as Post New York Alliance and Visual Effects Society. We have been able to share our talents, and we constantly try to make our community stronger and better-informed.”

Luke DiTommaso, Principal and VFX Supervisor, says The Molecule’s capacity has increased dramatically. “With our refined pipeline, last year we managed 26 television shows, 7 studio features, 19 indie features, and 16 commercials. Currently on our peak months we’re producing 600 Visual Effects shots of varying complexities.”

He adds that there is never a dull day. “We handle an enormous volume and variety of shots. Seems like very day we're asked to do something spectacular, or absurd, or gruesome, or impossibly beautiful. I love being asked by the artists, ‘what are we working on today’? The answer usually begins with a chuckle of giddy excitement.”

About The Molecule

The Molecule is a Visual Effects and Motion Graphics company located in New York and Los Angeles. We facilitate storytelling with Visual Effects and motion graphics for Television and Feature Films. Since 2005 we set out to make a more efficient and enthusiastic ecosystem of tools and talent. We make it easy to bring the impossible to the screen.


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