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Content Company Forges New Model With Producing Acumen & Creative Reach

Last Updated: March 10, 2015 12:18 pm GMT
(March 10, 2015) Tracy Mays and Beth Aranda have joined forces to launch original content company @LArge Productions. The duo brings 40 years combined experience to the new entity, which is designed to fulfill clients’ creative needs from concept to execution. The resource-driven model includes a growing network of multifaceted talent including an Oscar winning director, creative directors, seasoned commercial directors and up-and-coming talent who bring individualized strengths to each opportunity under the leadership of Aranda and Mays.

“The advertising and entertainment industries are evolving rapidly, and we developed @LArge Productions to be a fluid creative partner at the point of entry that is most effective for each client,” explains Tracy Mays, the company’s Managing Director. “We are able to embrace projects of varying size and scope with our unique structure and depth of experience.”

“In many instances, our collaboration involves ideation with a producer-led think-tank team that ultimately transitions to execution, while with others it’s a matter of producing boards at the highest level with the right talent,” elaborates Executive Producer Beth Aranda. “We design and build the team around each unique need, rather than the traditional model of selling a director. We are very excited to introduce @LArge.”

Mays and Aranda previously worked together when Mays was Executive Producer at The Sweet Shop. Their mutual appreciation and respect resulted from an aligned methodology and understanding of the industry from two unique vantage points. This fortuitous meeting was the spark that ignited an ongoing conversation that ultimately led to the development of @LArge Productions.

“I’ve wanted to have my own company for a long time, but finding the right partner was key,” explains Aranda. “When we met, it was immediately evident that Tracy was this person, from her leadership qualities to her natural ability to connect people. We both wanted to forge something new that really answered some of today’s industry questions.”

“Beth is smart, hyper organized, and resourceful,” says Mays. “We think the same way, but also have complementary strengths and interests that make our partnership work. She’s a true producer with a creative vantage point that sets her apart. And she does it all with an infectious warmth.”

Managing Director Tracy Mays is a strategic thinker and cultivator of community, who has two decades of experience as an executive producer and bidding producer. During her career, she’s worked at some of the advertising industry’s top production companies, including MJZ, Smuggler, Anonymous, Furlined, and more. During her tenure at The Sweet Shop, the company was nominated for a DGA award and recognized for producing some of the top commercials of 2012. It was during that time that Mays served as a member of the AICP West Board. Her talent and enthusiasm for business development is central to her role at @LArge Productions.

Executive Producer Beth Aranda has spent 20 years ushering forth projects as a producer of branded content, advertising, and short films. Over the years, she has cultivated relationships with directors and clients who trust her to produce projects of any scale. Among the high profile projects she’s produced are commercials for Samsung and Activision for 72andsunny, Hyundai for Innocean, Ford for Team Detroit, network promos for Bravo, The Today Show, and for HBO’s True Blood, as well as two films for Canon’s Beyond The Still series that premiered at Sundance. The work has taken her around the world, and instilled a deep passion for bringing stories to life.

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