Award-winning Director Paul Goldman Joins ModOp Films


Last Updated: March 20, 2015 3:17 pm GMT
(March 20, 2015) ModOp Films continues to expand its diverse talent roster with the addition of internationally recognized director Paul Goldman. Goldman is known for storytelling campaigns for Fiat, Yellow Pages, Toyota, Kraft, PetCo and Canal Plus, among others. His dance spectacular for DC’s Metro Silver Line was honored last month with a Platinum Award at the HSMAI Adrian Awards gala. The director’s inaugural project with ModOp Films is a campaign for Nutrish starring Rachel Ray.

“When I saw Paul’s work I was immediately struck by the attention to artful detail in every frame,” comments ModOp Films Rossi Cannon. “He’s also a big idea person and has incredible depth of industry knowledge – it isn’t common to find that in one person. Just as important, he’s is genuine and really enjoys the creativity of advertising which shows in the work.”

“His background as an agency creative and his directing experience make him an ideal partner for integrated projects, which is a big part of ModOp Films,” adds EP Steve Schofield. “He has vision and talent to create campaigns of any scope.”

Throughout his career, behind the camera and as a Creative Director at Deutsch in New York and Copywriter at TBWA, Paul Goldman developed and executed campaigns in every sector of advertising. While an agency creative, his work earned such advertising awards as Cannes Gold, Silver and Bronze Lions, London International Advertising Awards, British Television Advertising Awards. Goldman’s first directing project, for Ikea, was a stroke of opportunity and encouragement by his then boss Donny Deutsch.

“It was a true gift. It was the first time I experienced having ideas and feelings translated through actors to be delivered to the unseen audience. It was moving and powerful – from then on, I had to do it.” He continued to direct in house at Deutsch for the next two years, before moving exclusively to the production side.

Over time, Goldman explains, this electric sensation was replaced by the stronger desire to cultivate an environment for creativity, allowing the project to evolve by listening and observing. His is the art of intent rather than control. With a penchant for diverse, genre-crossing projects, Goldman’s range includes orchestrating explosions for military recruitment to capturing the nuance of a smile. He’s shot around the world and was nominated for Director of the Year from the British Director's Guild.

In addition to directing, Paul is also the Founder and President of Kansas Clean Distilled Whiskey, available in many states throughout the US and in Japan. Having his own product, Goldman acknowledges, has given him a deeper understanding and of client needs.

This multifaceted experience also shaped his appreciation for ModOp Films. “Scof and Rossi have a vision for where the business is going and have created a holistic, integrated company as a result,” he notes. “Internally, they have fostered an environment that encourages dialogue, which is essential but rare. We are all colleagues and the spirit of collaboration at ModOp Films is tangible and exciting.”

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