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Last Updated: March 17, 2015 5:32 am GMT
(March 17, 2015) Marquis Broadcast, expert in content workflows and media integration software, and Pronology, a U.S. - based developer of cutting-edge tapeless workflow solutions, announce their joint effort to greatly enhance the collaboration surrounding exports from Avid Media Composer. Medway, Marquis’ workflow automation solution, which enables seamless and cost-effective integration between leading broadcast content applications, combined with Pronology’s innovative media asset management platform, gives editors the ability to export and flatten Avid sequences, with rich metadata and view the results in a standard web browser.

“Described as an ‘interoperability engine,’ Medway has been designed specifically to unify multi-vendor systems,” confirms Daniel Faulkner, business development manager, Marquis Broadcast. “Medway’s ability to transfer media and provide conversion services between Avid environments now combined with Pronology will enable the export and process of Avid sequences seamlessly.”

This integration allows editors to export both “works-in-progress” as well as a final product, in a consistent and reliable manner. These exports are immediately visible to authorized production personnel both on-site and off using Pronology’s browser based interface. This integration eliminates the need to do time-consuming exports and uploads from their workstation.

“Pronology has partnered with Marquis in order to integrate its Medway software into our media asset management solution,” says Mike Shore, co-founder of Pronology. “This collaboration is a huge step in making our customers’ workflow more efficient. Our users can now take advantage of Marquis’ unique abilities to move content out of an editor, complete with useful metadata and make it viewable inside of Pronology for an active back-and-forth collaboration that can happen from anywhere.”

An editor begins the collaboration with a producer (or a group of producers) via a simple drag and drop operation from Avid Media Composer directly to the Medway drain. This operation can pop-up a custom metadata entry form, that contains both predefined drop-down selections as well as free text entry for editor comments. Pronology automatically creates a web-streamable asset from the Medway output and associates the editor’s metadata to it.

Producers can log into Pronology’s web browser-based interface from anywhere across the globe and view the editor’s work along with all other content being managed by the Pronology system. They are able to make comments and even timecode specific notes that they can push back directly as frame accurate markers to the editor. Pronology manages the multiple editorial versions giving everyone a single place to view all of the changes. The solution will be on display at NAB 2015 at Pronology’s booth: SL12517.

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