Nice Shoes Colorist Lenny Mastrandrea Roasts Justin Bieber For Comedy Central


Last Updated: March 26, 2015 1:21 am GMT
(March 26, 2015) Nice Shoes colorist Lenny Mastrandrea, who has worked with Comedy Central on promos for many of their hit shows, brought his skills to the channel’s campaign for the upcoming roast of pop superstar Justin Bieber. Mastrandrea was tasked with creating a high contrast, saturated look across all three spots.

In both “Egg” and “Tattoo,” which star Bieber; the colorist added contrast and gradients to increase the musculature of the singer’s body as well as highlight his tattoos. But where Mastrandrea had the most fun was “Cry Beliebers,” which focuses on Justin Bieber’s loyal fan base, capturing their emotional breakdowns in slow-motion as they consider the comedic assault awaiting their hero.

“What’s happening initially appears to be very sad. If we were trying to craft an image in tune with that emotion, we might give it a desaturated and muted color palette,” said Mastrandrea. “But since Comedy Central is going for a comedic effect, we took the look in the opposite direction, making it really vibrant, colorful and over-the-top direction that contrasts the dour emotions of the Beliebers. We paid great attention to bringing out the comedic potential in every tear drop.”

The Roast of Justin Bieber premieres March 30th on Comedy Central.

View the spots: Tattoo:
Cry Beliebers:

Client: Comedy Central Producer: Brian Ziskind Creative Director: Kathy Fusco Graphics: Kaz Iwai Color Grading: Nice Shoes Colorist: Lenny Mastrandrea

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