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Last Updated: March 26, 2015 6:30 pm GMT
(March 26, 2015) Marquis Broadcast, expert in content workflows and media integration software, specialises in moving media. The Company has today announced its biggest ever promotion: a giveaway of 100 copies of Solo Parking, its new archive and restore solution aimed at freelance editors or small facilities, looking to manage their Avid storage, create a complete archive copy of any Avid project, or move a project to another workstation.. The giveaway is part of a prize draw for those completing a six question industry survey about how they use their edit storage: and will run from 30 March and finish on 19 April.

Chris Steele, Managing Director, Marquis Broadcast

“Project Parking was Marquis’ original popular archive and retrieve solution, and at NAB 2015 on booth SL7720, Project Parking Version 4 will now be shown for the first time as a complete Avid storage management solution,” confirms Chris Steele, managing director, Marquis Broadcast. “The ‘Parking’ series has now evolved into six separate solutions: Project Parking, Solo Parking for standalone Avid edit workstations, Unify Parking for copying projects onto shared central storage, Archive Parking, Project Parking Server which runs in the background to execute Project Parking jobs, plus Workspace Parking, Marquis’ new ‘set & forget’ disaster recovery solution for Avid workspaces.

“Parking has proved popular with broadcasters and post houses across the world to manage Avid projects,” continues Steele.

“Our solutions help editors to analyse and manage projects and media on their edit storage. Solo Parking gives individual editors access to our enterprise level analysis tools to help them manage their edit storage on an single workstation, as well as to archive and move Avid projects, offering the flexibility for small facilities and freelancers to work off-site and at the same time keep track of their media effectively.

“Editors and small facilities can now take a project off-site, work on it and then return it to the facility,” confirms Steele. “This saves editors significant time in locating and moving Avid Projects from one site to another. Editors can find duplicate and orphaned media, or archive old projects to release space. This can avoid the need to invest further capital in additional media storage by efficiently moving projects from expensive edit storage to lower cost storage.”

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