Canon Digital Learning Center presents EOS C100 Mark II tutorials


Canon Digital Learning Center presents EOS C100 Mark II tutorials and short films

Last Updated: April 7, 2015 10:33 pm GMT
(Melville, New York--April 7, 2015) An alien abduction gone wrong is the premise for the new short film by “Film Riot,” a YouTube-based filmmaking school. Join Ryan Connolly of “Film Riot” and Jem Schofield of “the C47” as they go behind the scenes to show you how to create a short science-fiction film with the EOS C100 Mark II. Learn about their techniques for lighting, camera movements, effects and more and then check out the short film.

The EOS C100 Mark II, the second-generation version of the popular EOS C100 video camera, offers new or improved features like a more powerful image processor, dual AVCHD and MP4 file formats, wireless network capabilities and more. Explore the menu and its many new features with our interactive EOS C100 Mark II Menu Simulator. This simulator allows you to familiarize yourself with the menu system from the convenience of your laptop, computer or mobile device.

“Fragments,” by renowned wedding filmmaker Joe Simon, explores the growing story of love and marriage throughout a couple’s life. Filmed with the EOS C100 Mark II, Simon creatively utilizes camera features like Face Detection Auto Focus, Wi-Fi and more to capture their ethereal and memorable moments. Watch the short film and go behind the scenes to learn about the preproduction process, different lensing and camera techniques, how to successfully transition scenes and more. Then see how you can capture a wedding short film with similar tools.

To learn more about this camera, check out our Professional Development Seminars and Workshops page, where we list upcoming classes tailored to filmmakers:


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