Panasonic Rolls Out P2 Cast Cloud Service, Accelerating News Editing And the Pace of Stories To Air


Offers a New Intimate Connection between Cameras in the Field and Newsrooms

Last Updated: April 13, 2015 10:52 pm GMT
(Las Vegas, NV--April 13, 2015) At NAB 2015, Panasonic has introduced P2 Cast, a cloud-based news production system that leverages the network features of the company’s next-generation P2 HD camcorders with AVC-ULTRA recording -- the AJ-PX5000G, AJ-PX800 and AJ-PX270. P2 Cast integrates these camcorders’ network capabilities so content uploaded to the cloud is immediately available for reviewing and editing.

P2 Cast dramatically expedites the delivery of news to air, while at the same time expanding the editing function to any device connected to the internet. A major P2 Cast advantage is its ability via the cloud to move low bit rate, yet high-quality proxy video off a camcorder in the field, create a video sequence of the desired clips, and then allow newsroom systems to automatically pull back high-resolution video for air from the camera. This high-resolution video can range in quality from AVC-LongG12 through AVC-Intra Class100, depending on preference and available bandwidth.

AVC-ULTRA cameras in the field are connected with the newsroom through mobile networks (4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, or dedicated connection) and the cloud, making it possible to instantly produce news out of events as it occurs. With distribution formats for video content diversifying and opportunities for utilizing raw news resources increasing, P2 Cast facilitates everything from the gathering of news footage to low-cost distribution within a short time frame with reduced manpower, which will help customers bolster earnings potential and create new business opportunities.

The service has been tested for the past several months by major international and domestic broadcasters, including Time Warner Cable NY1 News, the cable network’s 24-hour news channel in New York City. “We’ve been successfully using P2 Cast with some of our PX270 ENG cameras, with the result that our producers are able to see breaking news in near real-time,” said Gerry Gallagher, Director of Remote Operation. “The real proof-of-concept for us happened while covering a recent explosion on the lower East Side. Before the trucks arrived, before the CNG gear was on the scene, we could see what was happening without disturbing our shooters, download clips and begin writing the story. P2 Cast is giving us eyes on the ground into news as it’s happening.”

P2 Cast is immediately available in the United States and Europe on a free trial basis through September 2015, at which time the service becomes chargeable.


Proxy file sharing
Shared storage is prepared on the server. The proxy files uploaded from camcorders can be browsed and played from stations. The proxy file can be downloaded and used for breaking news.

Highlight editing, high-quality footage transfer
At a station, the editor can highlight edit (In point / Out point) the proxy files that have been uploaded on the server, thus creating and EDL (Edit Decision List) and transfer it to the camera. Based on the EDL, the camera selects just the desired high-quality footage and transfers it back to the server.

New, efficient workflows using metadata
Cameras and cameramen are pre-assigned IDs and metadata is sent from the newsroom to the camcorders in the field. Metadata can be automatically recorded with footage shot in the field, and the data can then be used in the editing process to dramatically increase the searchability of the raw footage and shorten the time required for archiving and targeting secondary uses.

The AVC-ULTRA camcorders will require a firmware upgrade that enables the cameras to communicate with P2 Cast. The firmware will be available for the AJ-PX5000G in April, the AJ-PX270 in May, and the AJ-PX800 in 3Q 2015, all at the Panasonic service support website.

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