Ventuz Technology Presents Cinema 4D Integration at NAB 2015


Last Updated: April 15, 2015 6:13 pm GMT
(Munich--April 15, 2015) Real-time graphics software developer Ventuz Technology displays a live link between its software suite and Maxon Cinema 4D at NAB. This new feature serves for a seamless communication between the two toolsets.

With the growing complexity of multimedia projects in the events and broadcast industry, workflows require the usage of a wide variety of toolsets. This results in a fragmentation of the workload into different stages, each featuring an individual software product, or even complete stagnation when a project needs to be taken a step back in the progress.

The real-time graphics software developer Ventuz Technology has now eliminated one of these hurdles by establishing a live link between its own software suite and the 3D creation application Cinema 4D by Maxon. Going beyond the traditional import or integration plugin approach, the live link means that any changes made inside of Cinema 4D will result in an automatic update of the Ventuz project - all in real-time. This functionality is available with both tools running on one machine, as well as over a local network.

"Creating such bidirectional communication between our 3D authoring tools and a market leading 3D package like Cinema 4D is very important for us", stated David Paniego, Product Marketing Manager at Ventuz. "The combination of both solutions gives our users the flexibility and power they demand. In addition, the remote collaboration capabilities create an even more streamlined workflow that will help our customers to create better projects to meet the always increasing need for higher quality with tighter schedules."

Currently this live link supports not only geometry, textures, UVs and the like, but also SRT and per vertex animation. Two of the workflows that will be greatly improved are Virtual/Augmented Reality Graphics and Projection Mapping. For Virtual Sets and Augmented Reality applications, changes made in the original 3D scene will be seamlessly reflected in the Ventuz scene, allowing quick changes to positions, geometry, materials and textures. For Projection Mapping, Cinema 4D's native geometry editing toolset will allow exact changes and delicate tweaking of the geometry to fit the physical topology perfectly. Combined with the advanced warping and projector alignment tools inside of Ventuz, this results in very flexible and powerful workflows.

"We are impressed by the stability and performance the integration shows even in this early development phase", said Oliver Meiseberg, Director Product & Partnership Management at Maxon. "The developers at Ventuz have done an incredible job and we are delighted that Cinema 4D adds to a smooth real-time visualization workflow. This is a great opportunity for both companies, Maxon and Ventuz, and a big advantage for our users."

The integration of Cinema 4D into Ventuz will be available to the general public with the next major release of Ventuz, which is planned for late 2015. Ventuz is showing the integration at their booth at NAB in Las Vegas, #SL9927, until April 16th.

About Ventuz
Ventuz Technology AG, located in Munich, Germany, is developer of 3D real-time technologies for presentations, events and broadcast graphics. Their main goal is the creation of solutions that combine state-of-the-art technologies with high class design and thus surpass the visual expectations of any audience. A central focus lies on interactive applications.

Among the brands that have used Ventuz for their events and presentations are Microsoft, Porsche, Bosch, Adidas and many more. Furthermore, several TV-stations and production companies worldwide are utilizing the broadcast-version of Ventuz, such as Fox Sports. Some of the best known productions which have been produced with Ventuz are ”Who wants to be a millionaire?”, ”Million Pound Drop” and “Big Brother”.


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