Fraunhofer IIS announces integration of its lightweight coding technology into IHSE KVM extender


Last Updated: April 18, 2015 9:45 pm GMT
(Erlangen, Germany--April 18, 2015) NAB Show 2015, Central hall, booth C 8931: The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS announces the integration of its lightweight coding technology LICI into the KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) extender of its partner IHSE GmbH, a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced KVM devices. LICI enables video transmission over data lines with limited bandwidth without frame drops or sacrificing quality.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS presents its lightweight coding technology LICI in a first implementation together with a German manufacturer of KVM devices. The LICI codec enables the adjustment of high-definition and ultra-high-definition video ­streams to the available infrastructure and bandwidth without sacrificing either resolution or dynamic range. So even if these images are transmitted to external equipment using standard connection such as Ethernet, HD-SDI or Channel-Link for example, this will guarantee an optimum throughput without problems like dropped frames during the transmission. Even for long-distance transmission of the video signals from a server to several monitors the LICI codec allows bit rate adjustments to the available bandwidth at low latency. This is important especially when monitors are connected directly to a computer. Low latency is crucial, since a person interacting with a computer expects any change to be immediately displayed.

“The integration of our coding technology in the KVM extender of IHSE GmbH is a very important implementation that illustrates perfectly the potential of the LICI codec inside a professional broadcast and post-production environment,” says Wolfgang Heppner, manager of the group ?hardware and devices? at FraunhoferIIS.

IHSE as a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced broadcast and post-production devices, especially renowned for professional KVM technology, will show anddemonstrate their next-generation KVM extenders with integrated Fraunhofer IIS coding technology at NAB in Las Vegas. “The challenge for professional KVM technology is driven by always higher demands of 4K image data transfer forapplications with multiple monitors but no higher bandwidth or special cable transmission. Therefore, we chose Fraunhofer IIS as our development partner for image coding that enables us to offer new products that meet these requirements,” states Enno Littmann, managing director of IHSE GmbH, Oberteuringen.

The technology integration will be shown at NAB Show 2015 at the Fraunhofer IISbooth in the Central hall C 8931 and at IHSE South Lower halls SU12716.

New features in easyDCP version 3.2

The version 3.2 of easyDCP comes with some new features to ensure easy and correct handling of DCPs and IMPs.

– DCP and IMP (Interoperable Master Package) handling in one tool

– DCP playback utilizing GPU accelerated JPEG 2000 decoding

– Makes subtitle handling easier in respect to subtitle conforming and versioning

– Supporting ATMOS track files

– Comes with a new and modern user interface

– Advanced scaling und croppingoptions to further improve the authoring process

– Hybrid JPEG 2000 coding

– Asset management tool for DCP and IMP with preview of the assets via scalable MPEG-Dash streaming even to mobile devices


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