Nice Shoes' Lez Rudge Launches Directing Career


Last Updated: April 22, 2015 7:48 pm GMT
(April 22, 2015) Nice Shoes colorist and partner Lez Rudge has announced he’ll be moving on from his full-time role at the New York post studio in order to devote more time and energy towards his directorial career. Rudge has been signed by Mugsy Media for commercial projects and will be represented by Good One Inc. for television promos and broadcast work.

Having worked at Nice Shoes since 1999, Rudge has collaborated with top agencies, directors and editors to deliver memorable ad campaigns for Revlon, Avon, Canon, Maybelline, GE and Dewar’s to name a few. For more than 15 years, Rudge’s color grading skills have made him one of the more recognized names both globally and in the U.S. post production industry.

“Lez is a rare creative. He has a great eye and a passion that translates into everything he does” said CEO/Partner Dominic Pandolfino. “We wish him the very best as he takes those talents to the director’s chair and I look forward to this new chapter in our working relationship and our friendship.”

Since launching his directorial career, Rudge has helmed talented production and post production teams to craft pieces for fashion brand This Is A Love Song and TruTV's new reality series "Branson Famous." His latest work, a PSA about feeling beautiful in the face of Alopecia entitled "Beautiful In My Eyes" debuted last week and was featured in the Huffington Post.

Pandolfino added “In preparation for this change, Nice Shoes added colorist Sal Malfitano to our roster. We’re confident there will be a seamless transition. I see Lez’s directorial efforts as an opportunity to expand existing relationships and to build new relationships.”

“There isn’t a better time for us to have collectively made this change,” said Rudge. “We’ve added Sal to an already amazing crew of colorists. I feel I’m leaving the color department in great hands. I’ve already had the team here do some amazing color work on my own directorial projects, and I’m excited to bring more their way in the future.”

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