SIM Group Expands Services into East Coast Market


SIM Capitalizes on Bling Digital’s high-end workflow services to expand into the New York market

Last Updated: May 5, 2015 8:32 pm GMT
(LOS ANGELES, California--May 5, 2015) The SIM Group, a leading supplier of production and post-production equipment and services to the feature and television industry, announces the expansion of its services into New York to provide dailies and off-line, and finishing. The Brooklyn facility -- which currently houses a DaVinci Resolve color bay, Avid edit bays and Colorfront dailies solutions -- has already provided work on shows including Mr. Robot, Forever, American Odyssey, Season 3 of The Following and several pilots.

“New York is a vibrant production community, and SIM has the breadth of services to offer unique workflow packages to producers and content creators,” said James Martin, Chief Strategy Officer, SIM Group. Bling Digital has been a part of SIM Group since 2009, specializing in on-set data management, digital dailies, editorial system rentals and data archiving.

Chris Parker, CTO, Sim Group, agreed. “With the multitude of studios and productions cropping up in Brooklyn, we saw an immediate need for Bling’s services. The response has been overwhelming. The market is hungry for our unique way of offering workflow.”

With the establishment of Bling Digital, a foothold has been created for other SIM Group brands to pair their services. Chainsaw, Pixel Underground and now the newest addition, Tattersall Sound and Picture, also see potential in New York.

Bill DeRonde, President, Chainsaw, agrees that New York is a viable market for Chainsaw’s services as well. “The vitality and strength of the East Coast production community is something we want to embrace. We are excited for the opportunity to service existing NY-based clients and begin to build new relationships.”

The SIM Group views the East Coast as a great location-based community that could benefit from end-to-end solutions. “With our robust services and diverse client base, we see this as a chance to further our growth and expand our client roster. We can now offer the East Coast a range of services, to keep pace with the growing demand of the production community,” said Gavin Barclay, VP, Bling.

Leo De Wolff, Workflow Producer for Bling Digital, New York, noted that the new operation has generated an overwhelmingly positive response from cinematographers, editors, and DITs. “We are thoroughly enjoying our early success and repaying it with ever-stellar service based on communication, attention to detail and workflow customization,” he said. “We’ve found outstanding talent from the New York talent pool and, as we continue to grow, we expect to further enhance our offerings to a local market that has been very receptive to us.”

About The SIM Group

Backed by Toronto-based investment firm Granite Partners, the SIM Group is a leading supplier of production equipment, workflow and post-production solutions, with offices across the US, Canada and China. Our diverse services can be utilized on any production at any stage. In Canada, our offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Halifax service grip and lighting from PS Production Services and can be complemented with SIM Digital cinematography and playback equipment for any production’s needs. Bling, Chainsaw, Pixel Underground and Tattersall Sound and Picture provide an array of services from dailies, to online and offline editing, to final color/DI and visual effects, to sound editorial and mixing. Bling’s services, which include a comprehensive workflow solution, are offered at all offices across the US and Canada, as well as off-site service through POD (Post on Demand). Chainsaw’s full-service facility in Hollywood provides creative editorial and extensive finishing services with some of the top colorists in the industry. Rounding out the family of companies are Pixel Underground, a Toronto-based post-production company, and its associated service, StationEX, which provides physical and file-based media fulfillment and encoding/distribution services, and Tattersall Sound and Picture, a provider of sound editorial and mixing for motion pictures and television. For more information, visit


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