Luminair 3 released for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch


Last Updated: June 16, 2015 4:40 pm GMT
(Cincinnati, Ohio--June 16, 2015) Synthe FX have announced the immediate availability of Luminair 3 for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. Luminair is a professional-grade lighting control app that gives lighting designers, creative professionals, and other enthusiasts advanced wireless control over DMX lights, as well as the next generation of "Smart" lights like Philips Hue. The app utilizes open standards to send lighting control commands Art-Net or sACN E1.31 compliant lighting equipment from any manufacturer.

Luminair 3 is a brand new universal app which has been optimized for 64-bit processors, and introduces a redesigned user-interface focused on increased productivity. The modernized UI scales to any iOS device resolution, and presents the user with a cohesively designed feature-set and experience across all device types.

The new FX-engine in Luminair 3 is a cutting-edge feature for lighting control on mobile devices, and offers users the ability to generate dynamic changes in lighting and movements using a Movement Generator, Oscillator, and automated Color FX all within a single scene.

New built-in Scheduling features open up the ability to use Luminair as the centerpiece of architectural and “architainment” lighting venues. A simple user interface for adding and editing schedules makes it easy to set up daily and single events to trigger scenes at a specific date or time.

Luminair Remote for Apple Watch allows users to select scenes and sequences, control playback, turn lights on/off and more, right from the immediate comfort of their wrist. The app will also notify users when new events are scheduled to begin.

Geofencing features have been added to Luminair 3, allowing users working in larger facilities and on things like cruises or other transportation-related tours to use built-in GPS hardware to trigger any scene or sequence when the device enters or leaves specific location.

“Luminair 3 is by far the largest upgrade in the history of the app and breaks new ground for the future of mobile lighting control”, says founder Ryan Hisey. “The success of the previous version has allowed us to dedicate even more development and design resources to the software, resulting in an app that’s now a true contender to a traditional lighting console for many projects. As a software-based product, users can expect many new improvements in future updates.”

Other welcome new features in Luminair 3 are LTP faders, Lockdown mode powered by Touch ID, Sequence buttons, external control via the new MIDI Bluetooth LE protocol, external control via Hue tap light switches, improved Gesture support, a URL scheme for communicating with other iOS apps, and a new user manual in iBooks format.

Optional new In-App purchases are also available to unlock other advanced capabilities in Luminair 3. Location Pro adds support for triggering scenes and sequences form Bluetooth LE-based iBeacons, Schedule Pro adds an astronomical clock and customizable end triggers. MIDI Pro offers support for MIDI Timecode and Show Control messages.

Luminair 3 is available immediately around the world on the iOS App Store for a launch price of $79.99 USD.

Full information about Luminair 3 is available at the Synthe FX web site at:

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About Luminair
Luminair is a lighting control app built for designers and professionals working in live-entertainment, film and TV production and other creative outlets like architectural and decorative lighting. Born in July 2008 for iPhone, Luminair has been used on everything from Oscar and Emmy winning films and TV shows, art installations, architecture, theaters and thousands of other projects worldwide. Previous versions of Luminair were named Lighting Control Product of the Year in 2012 by Live Design Magazine, and also seen on televisions around the globe in 2014 as part of Apple’s “Powerful” TV ad campaign for iPhone.

About Synthe FX
Synthe FX is an industry leader in mobile lighting control products, specializing in apps for iOS and Mac OS X. The company was formed in 2006 with the aim of building tools that inspire creativity, by utilizing the latest software platforms and technologies.

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