ALKEMY X Creative Director Bex Schwartz Hosted “Promoting Promos” Panel At Promax/BDA 2015 Featuring Writer/TV Host Dave Holmes


Last Updated: June 17, 2015 9:26 pm GMT
(New York, New York--June 17, 2015) Last week, Alkemy X’s Creative Director of Awesomeness Bex Schwartz hosted a panel entitled “Promoting Promos” at the Promax/BDA 2015 Conference in downtown Los Angeles. Schwartz invited her long-time friend, Writer/TV Host Dave Holmes to join her as she presented her recommendations on promoting television promos via social media, followed by a Q&A with Dave about his experiences using social to promote on-air and live shows.

“As we move deeper and deeper into an on-demand world, we need to be nimble and to evolve the way we promote on-air content,” says Alkemy X’s Bex Schwartz. “If your viewers aren’t going to catch a :30 on-air spot, how do you create content specifically targeted to the platforms where your viewers spend time -- whether that’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, tumblr, or anything else? We’re in an age of amazing television and as marketers, it is our job to make sure our audiences know how amazing these shows and series are. So we need to expand our horizons when it comes to on-air promos. When we’re shooting or in the edit, we need to think about what sort of content will work best on what platform, and we should synchronize our on-air and digital/social campaigns to make sure we’re informing our audience everywhere we can reach them.”

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“Promoting Promos”:
Once upon a time, a strong on-air promo was the most important tool in the lead up to a new show. But with the arrival of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat and Vine, it’s increasingly all about promoting the promo. By carefully planning ahead and creating assets specifically targeted to those individual social channels, marketing can be teased out far in advance of the release of the promo, in effect eventizing the “premiere” of the promo. Hear from top social media experts and creators about how to make the most of promos— with strategic tweets, stills, BTS, gifs, sneak peeks, and more, all designed to stoke the fan feeding-frenzy.

Dave Holmes, Writer/TV Host, Esquire, FX, MTV, Comedy Central Bex Schwartz, Creative Director of Awesomeness, AlkemyX

About Alkemy X:
A lkemy X is a media company, based in New York & Philadelphia, that produces integrated creative content for Commercials and Network Promos, Branded Entertainment/Integrated short-form content, Original Programming, and VFX. The company has created content and commercials for advertisers like BMW, Pepsi, Palmolive and Lexus. That experience with advertisers and their agencies evolved into strategizing, ideating and producing branded entertainment and integrated marketing promos, both within series and in on-air and on-line integrated content and spots showcasing the advertiser’s products while keeping the tone of the network's brand.

Alkemy X has also developed and produced the first reality program for Scripps on the Food Network and is currently in its 11th season of its spin-off show, “Restaurant: Impossible.” The company has a very robust development slate, and is currently working on several network-targeted projects. The award-winning VFX team at Alkemy X is known for doing very high-quality work for feature films, episodic, and commercials. They have worked with major studios like Sony and Warner Bros., Directors like David O. Russell, Peter Berg and David Chase, as well as networks including NBC, TNT, Starz, Cinemax and most notably beginning the second season of “The Leftovers” for HBO. Alkemy’s clients have access to creative talent that spans across all Alkemy’s disciplines offering a 360-degree approach to any project.

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