Digital Domain And UFC(r) Join Forces To Promote UFC 189: Aldo


Last Updated: June 17, 2015 11:25 pm GMT
(June 17, 2015) UFC “VEGAS” Credits List 6/01/15

Spot title: UFC 189: Aldo vs. McGregor Promo Spot:60 – Broadcast/WEB

UFC 189: Aldo vs. McGregor Promo SpotCut Downs (completed by client) – Broadcast/WEB

Product: UFC 189: Aldo vs. McGregor

Client: Ultimate Fighting Championship

Client:Ultimate Fighting Championship / Zuffa, LLC

Dana White Chairman/President

Lorenzo Fertitta Chairman/CEO

Chris Kartzmark Senior Vice President, Production & Programming

Anthony Petosa Senior Director, Production & Programming

Laura Gilbert Production Manager

Production Company:Mothership Media

Neil Huxley Director

Scott Gemmell Executive Producer/Head of Production

Michael Angelos Line Producer

Lauren Yach Production Supervisor

Lindsey Yach Asst. Production Supervisor

Ross Emery Director of Photography

Peter Holland 2ndDirector of Photography

Digital Production Company:Digital Domain

Rich Flier President

Carla Attanasio Executive Producer

Dan Akers VFX Supervisor

Alex Michael VFX Producer

Lee Carlton CG Supervisor

John Sasaki Compositor

Eric Beaver Compositor

Scott Gastellu Compositor

Jason Selfe Compositor

Zach Mandt Environments

Edgar Diaz Roto/Paint Lead

David Wilson Roto/Paint

Marlan Harris Roto/Paint

Nicole Arnell Roto/Paint

Gus Aguilera Roto/Paint

Ryan McGeary Previs Artist

Nye Warburton Previs Artist

Scott Tessier Previs Artist

Viki Chan On-set Data Integration

Imraan Ismail On-set Data Integration

Jon Aghassian Integration Artist

James Moorhead Integration Artist

Cody Williams AFX Artist

Stephan Lectez Flame Artist

Guy Savin Editor

Lin Wilde Previs Editor

Sound/Music Design: ECHOLAB

Gavin Little Sound Designer/Owner

Sound Mixing: Margarita Mix – Santa Monica

Original Track: “No Church In The Wild” (Kanye West + Jay-Z)

Nathan Dubin Sound Designer/Mixer

Brian Frank Assistant Engineer

Michel Millard General Manager

Air Date: 5/23/2015


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