Cut+Run's Akiko Iwakawa Edits New Curious And Sublime Music


Last Updated: June 18, 2015 6:39 am GMT
(June 18, 2015) Shave Forth: Cut+Run's Akiko Iwakawa edited the new curious and sublime music video for Gillette BODY via agency GREY. Directed by Hiro Murai, known for his penchant for absurdist visual spectaculars for the likes of St. Vincent, the piece is set to an EDM track created exclusively for the project by DJs From Mars and Dr Lecktroluv. The film, concepted by the original thinkers at GREY, is all about the confidence -- Busby Berkley style confidence with male synchronized swimmers -- that comes with the use of the first razor built specifically for the terrain of a man’s form.

Watch it unfold, smoothly,

Advertiser: GILLETTE Spot Title: Shave Forth ft. Dr. Lektroluv & DJs from Mars

Agency: Grey NY
President & Global CCO: Tor Myhren New York CCO: Andreas Dahlqvist Group Creative Director: Jeff Stamp Group Creative Director: Leo Savage Creative Director: Asan Aslam Creative Director: Noah Will SVP Associate Director Of Film Production: James McPherson Producer: Jason Heller Assistant Producer: Megan Swan VP Music Producer: Zachary Pollakoff BAL: Debby Reiner SVP / Account Director: Brian Weston Account Supervisor: Ken Thompson Account Executive: Katherine Chan Assistant Account Executive: Sarika Patel

Production Company: Ninja
Owner & Executive Producer: Danielle Hinde Director: Hiro Murai Producer: Jason Colon

Editorial: Cut+Run
Editor: Akiko Iwakawa Producer: Ellese Jobin EP: Rana Martin Assistant Editor: Joe Simons

VFX: The Mill
EP: Adam Isidore Producer: Katie Kolombatovich Colorist: Fergus McCall Design: Michael Schaeffer Lead Flame: Gavin Wellsman Flame Assist: Jamin Clutcher & Ben Kwok

Sound Design/Mix: Heard City
Philip Loeb, Heard City


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