Tokyo Sound Production Sets its Olympian 2020-Vision on Mistika


Team already making full use of the system's versatility and wide ranging toolsets to service its clients' immediate demands

Last Updated: July 6, 2015 4:23 pm GMT
(Tokyo, Japan--July 6, 2015) Japan's well-established and reputable post facility Tokyo Sound Production (TSP) made the recent forward-thinking move by upgrading to SGO's Mistika post production system to boost their broadcast projects.

Leading the way, Mistika Ultima provides dependable, efficient and prolific capabilities for broadcasters of content, from HD to 8K 60P. With the Next Generation Television and Broadcasting Promotion Forum having already started the 4K TV Program “Channel 4K” back in 2014, and the multi-channel pay-TV broadcasting SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation commencing its 4K broadcasting service from April 2015, TSP's Mistika is already playing a vital role in 4K 60P creation. The team are already making full use of the system's versatility and wide ranging toolsets to service its clients' immediate demands.

Recent eye-catching footage for a leading Channel 4K program which aired on CS Digital Broadcasting was achieved using Mistika at TSP. Mistika Operator Shigeyuki Koeda working on the project at TSP says “It is always great to hear positive feedback from our clients about how stable the playback of contents in 4K 60P is with Mistika. After receiving this uncompressed one hour project, I just put the content on the Mistika timeline and made the project play-out. It doesn’t require much time, and with Mistika there is no stress in front of clients.”

In addition, with the Japanese government encouraging 4K and 8K investments in the domestic retail sector in time for the future Olympic Games, TSP is now set to meet its clientèle’s expectations with Mistika's unprecedented 4K abilities.

Yutaka Hamada, department director at TSP states, “SGO Mistika's technology is truly impressive. There is virtually nothing Mistika cannot do. It comfortably post produces any project, including 4K and 8K, whether it is for broadcast, cinema or commercials, pretty fast and all in real-time. Its creative features, advanced workflows and resolution-independence have won us over, and it's taken centre stage here, making us feel secure in the knowledge that we have the world's most innovative system backing us.” He adds, “As the excitement grows for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic year, we feel prepared and future-ready with Mistika at our side.”

“With higher-resolution formats rapidly gaining a foothold in Japan for production, TV programmes and displays, many post facilities in Japan are looking to SGO's Mistika to support their current and upcoming projects and provide stability in a fast-paced changing industry. I am delighted that the discerning team at TSP have made this exciting step by putting their trust in SGO technology which is playing a fundamental role in their future strategy." confirms Geoff Mills, Director of Global Sales and Operations, SGO Group.

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Founded in 1963, Tokyo Sound Production originated by producing and creating sound-effects. The company introduced the "ENG-Style" of shooting to the broadcast industry, and faithfully challenged the new field. At present, they continue to stay on top of the broadcast industry through their extensive background in editing, Multi-Audio recording, and Television Program production. Visit them here

KYOSHIN COMMUNICATIONS is SGO's official reseller in Japan and provides clients with total solutions covering a variety of needs by selling and configuring audio and visual systems. In various markets, such as Broadcast and Post Production, Business, Medical institutions, Universities and Public office, they can combine several products with their original system and create new possibilities for their clients. Visit them at

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