MammothHD - News Release: Building a 4K+ Resource foe NOW and the Furture (7.8.15)


Last Updated: July 8, 2015 8:00 pm GMT
(July 8, 2015) MammothHD Footage Library building a 4K+ Resource for NOW and the FUTURE since 2007

When the MammothHD Footage Library launched almost 14 years ago… ‘HD - 1080i’ was the highest resolution in video capture, Film scans where being done in 2K or less…. MammothHD’s goal was to build a footage/motion library that was always at the highest resolution available - even if it was ahead of the ‘current’ market place.

In 2007 MammothHD opened the initial 4K resolution footage galleries with RED Digital Cinema's introduction and delivery of the REDOne camera - shooting in 4K at 4096x2304. Since that launch MammothHD has followed the advancement in resolution increases with the addition of 5K (RED Epic @ 5120x2700) and last year with 6K (RED Dragon @ 6144x3160) - new cameras from Sony, Panasonic, Arri and others... have come on the market to complement the available cameras in 4K/UHD acquisition and now come in all sizes and specifications. Later this year the next step in increased resolutions - the 8K cameras will start to be released into the market place and MammothHD Footage Library will add that to the our large format footage offerings.

The 4K+ Resolutions - offer a wide range of markets and uses across the industry. From the better looking and sharper HD (downrezzed from 4K+) to full 4K+ originals for production and display - in film, advertising, signage, art installations and marketing materials. The next step up to 8K just expands the resolutions for all uses while increasing the potential screen size for the clearest and sharpest displays.

While the MammothHD Library started with a limited set of styles and subjects - over the last 8 years the library has been building not only in higher resolutions but in covering the globe in content. Now - MammothHD has expanded their talentbase with world class - shooter/producers around the planet covering subjects that range from aerials, lifestyle, sports, nature, scenics, cities, energy, extreme weather, wildlife, underwater, agriculture, food, fire, world travel and much more…. with over 80% of the library master acquisition in 4K or above. Expansion of the MammothHD Library is a daily feature. "So if you don’t see it - please contact the MammothHD offices and ask… anytime”.

Visit the MammothHD Libraries -
Being a ‘Visuals’ company - we recommend browsing the galleries and checking out the footage previews.

Link to the MammothHD Demo Reels

The MammothHD 2015 Demo/Show Reel (YouTube - 4K)

RED Digital Cinema’s featurette on MammothHD for the RED Collective Series “#6” (YouTube in 4K)


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