Cogswell College Releases its First-Ever Student-Created IOS Mobile APP Game "Tangram Jam," Now Available at Apple Store


Last Updated: July 8, 2015 8:06 pm GMT
(Sunnyvale, California--July 8, 2015) Cogswell College, a 600-student educational institution offering a unique curriculum fusing Digital Art, Engineering and Entrepreneurship, proudly announces the release of the school’s first student-created iOS game: “Tangram Jam.”

“Tangram Jam” is now available to the public via the Apple Store:

And via Google Play:

“Tangram Jam” began as a student project in 2014 within Cogswell’s Game Studio. Dylan Bruce, a top game student who just graduated, was a key member of the development team. Upon graduation, Bruce has a job lined up as a Game Designer Redacted Studios, an interactive product design firm that focuses on hardware/software solutions and cutting edge games based in Mountain View, CA.

Regarding “Tangram Jam,” Dylan Bruce said, “There were various moments during this development of this project in which I would silently commend myself for pursuing my passion and working on a game with a team. I felt like I was exactly where I should be. This type of self-aware pride is, to this day, the reason I get out of bed in the morning. There is truly nothing like earning your stripes as a young game developer.”

To view promotional video from Dylan Bruce about his experience creating “Tangram Jam,” please see:

George Gagnon, Owner of Prairie Rainbow Company, a Saco, Maine-based company which produces physical block-based games that are meant to teach children basic math skills, said, “The team at Cogswell did a wonderful job bringing our game involving blocks and rainbow squares into animated, two-dimensional life. Their animations, graphics and audio and sound design are all amazing. They took our game concept and really developed it into a fun process by which elementary and middle school kids can actually learn about fractions. The educational benefits hidden within ‘Tangram Jam’ are really great—kids really seem to enjoy it!”

Adds Jerome Solomon, Cogswell’s Dean and Director of the Game Design & Development program, "I am very excited for all of our students who worked on ‘Tangram Jam!’ They will all now have a ‘shipped’ game under their belts for their resumes and portfolios. The look and feel, user experience, and animations that are employed within this new game are critical to making its game play experience especially fun and engaging for its intended audience - 3rd and 4th grade students."


“Tangram Jam” is an iOS and Android mobile educational puzzle game conceived, developed and produced by Cogswell College’s Game Studio, a project-based learning environment similar to industry game studios. The game was

as part of a Cogswell Game Design & Development course.

Aimed at young 3rd and 4th year school students, ‘Tangram Jam’ has been designed to teach the concepts of adding fractions and uses visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning techniques in a fun and stimulating environment. 3D characters and procedurally generated music are also featured in the game. “Tangram Jam” was first introduced to the world by Cogswell students during SIGGRAPH 2014.


Designed as a “fiercely collaborative, living laboratory,” Cogswell College is located in the heart of the legendary Silicon Valley in Sunnyvale, California. The school is a WASC accredited, four-year institution of higher education with a specialized curriculum that fuses digital arts, audio technology, game design, engineering and entrepreneurship. In 2015, Cogswell was cited by Animation Career Review as “One of the Top 50 Private Game Design Schools and Colleges in the U.S.”

Numerous alumni of Cogswell College have secured prominent positions within the entertainment, videogame, technology, computer, animation, and motion graphics industries throughout Californiaand beyond. Several of these alumni have established careers with such high profile companies as Activision, DreamWorks Animation, Disney, Electronic Arts, Pixar, and Microsoft Game Studio. Many other alumni have launched their own creative ventures.

Recent Cogswell alumni were members of the Academy Award-winning production teams which worked on the blockbuster films “Frozen” and “Life of Pi.” Some of the other well-known consumer projects to which Cogswell alumni have contributed include the feature films “Big Hero 6” and “The Avengers,” and the popular videogames “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare,” “Halo 4” and “Battlefield Hardline.”

Cogswell College is located at 1175 Bordeaux Drive, Sunnyvale, California, 94089. For more information, please call 1-800-264-7955 or visit:


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