Epic News from The Hit House: "Epic Funny Bone the Third: Orchestral Escapades" Guaranteed to Set the Trailer Industry on Fire


Last Updated: July 8, 2015 8:08 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--July 8, 2015) Music production company The Hit House has launched “Epic Funny Bone The Third: Orchestral Escapades.” This release is comprised of eleven soaring orchestral pieces jam-packed with mystery, energy, excitement and adventure—all created and produced by Composers Scott Miller, Will Hunt and Dan Diaz.

Sally House, Owner/EP with The Hit House, said, “We had a lot of fun with this new release by naming each track after a mythical dragon—since there’s no such thing as real dragons. Obviously.”

She adds, “We want everyone in the movie trailer business to take a listen, and see how these ‘Epic Family Adventure’ tracks can breathe a little fire, ahem, into their upcoming marketing campaigns. So cue the music - your next adventure starts.

About The Hit House:

A premier, multi-award winning, custom music and sound design company in Los Angeles, recent work from The Hit House has also been used in national and global television campaigns for clients such as Netflix, Google, Playstation, Lexus, Jell-O, Porsche, and The Ritz Carlton; in motion picture campaigns for the upcoming films “Pan" and "Ted 2;” and for the recent films “Godzilla,” “Big Hero 6,” “Book of Life,” “Frozen,” “Thor: The Dark World” and “Iron Man 3,” among others.

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