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(New York, New York--July 15, 2015) Ad agency DeVito/Verdi and its client Legal Sea Foods want you to go “Pescatarian.” They turned to the talents of KIND Editor Anthony Marinelli for their lighthearted, new campaign extolling the virtues of seafood.

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The tongue-in-cheek campaign positions “Pescatarianism” as an impressive and perhaps more appealing faith than other more established religions. TV, print and radio ads urge consumers that "It's time to convert, it's time to become Pescatarian" after humorously showing how the Pescatarian way of life trumps many of the famed traditions and miracles proudly worshiped by the world’s religions.

“Working on Legal Sea Foods was a blast,” says KIND Editor Anthony Marinelli. “The spots were very simple from an editorial standpoint, just being single-takes with supers and music, but the concept was edgy and funny in the way that makes you say, ‘Did they really say that!?!’ The creative team from DeVito Verdi was amazing. Overall, it was a very fun project to work on.”

"I love this campaign,” adds KIND Executive Producer Wendy Rosen, also a famed Editor herself. “ It's irreverent in a playful way."

Agency: DeVito/Verdi Creative Director: Sal DeVito Copywriter: Barry Flanik Art Director: Manny Santos Agency Producer: Barbara Michelson Digital Team: Lauren Reddy, Yasmin Elgibali

Editorial Company: KIND
Editor: Anthony Marinelli Executive Producer: Wendy Rosen

Bio: Editor Anthony Marinelli
Anthony Marinelli has created ads for the Super Bowl (Visa "Superheroes", Aleve "Kid in You") as well as an award-winning documentary feature with Alicia Keys for her charitable organization Keep a Child Alive ("Alicia in Africa"). He was nominated for an AICE award for his work on NY Dept. of Tourism's "New Day," an effort to revitalize the city after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. He was also Senior Editor on the PBS series "NY Expeditions," which was utilized in educational programs across New York schools. He works with a diverse array of clients such as Canon, The Scotts/Miracle-Gro Company, United Healthcare, NY Lottery, Atlantis Resorts, Hershey, Blistex, Bayer, BMW, Advil, Coco's Restaurants, and Verizon. He also writes and directs for both theatre and film. His latest play, "Acoustic Space" won the 2014 Best Play of the Season Award at the Strawberry One-Act Festival and has been adapted into a short film which was accepted into the prestigious 2015 Cannes Film Festival's Short Film Corner.

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