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Last Updated: July 27, 2015 5:29 pm GMT
(July 27, 2015) @LArge Productions is excited to welcome Ashley Hydrick as Executive Producer and Partner. With this strategic addition, the @LArge management triumvirate includes Hydrick, and company founders Tracy Mays and Beth Aranda. The company was launched in March of this year, and is designed to fulfill clients’ creative needs from concept to execution. With the addition of Ashley Hydrick comes an expanded network of trusted post collaborators via @LArge’s unique and robust model.

Managing Director Tracy Mays, who has known Hydrick for many years, explains: “Our company is built on a flexible business model that integrates production and post fluidly. Ashley allows us to more deeply and organically provide a creative and economical solution for our clients. Ashley’s dynamic energy and work ethic is as vital to us as her experience and relationships.”

The trio previously worked together on a project, establishing a rapport and an appreciation for their shared methodology. “Everyone who works with Ashley knows that she will deliver the best,” comments Executive Producer Beth Aranda. “She has a knack for taking care of everyone and everything, in order to ensure clients’ visions are realized at the highest level. Her exceptional skillset is matched by her character – we couldn’t be happier.”

With a broad range of experience in advertising, Ashley Hydrick was most recently Executive Producer at Arsenal FX, where she was central to the company launch, growth and culture since 2008. Both at Arsenal and as a producer for editorial companies Beast, Chrome and Jigsaw, Ashley earned a reputation for infusing collaborations with a spirit of fun and a deep sense of trust.

Ashley’s hidden talents include drumming, sound editing and engineering. Upon graduation, she set out to be an audio engineer, and spent four years at Crawford Communications, ultimately becoming Evening Operations Manager for the Atlanta-based company which features production, post, audio, original music, vfx, graphics, satellite services and duplication. It was at Crawford that her passion for post solidified, laying the foundation for her career as a producer and ultimately EP in Los Angeles.

“I love the people and the problem solving involved in each project,” says Hydrick, “and find it rewarding to collaborate with smart, creative people to bring ideas to life. I am excited to join forces with Tracy and Beth and help them build @LArge Productions. It’s a unique opportunity to work with people I really respect and enjoy on this new and innovative approach to our industry.”

@LArge’s resource-driven model includes a growing network of multifaceted talent including an Oscar winning director, creative directors, seasoned commercial directors and up-and-coming talent who bring individualized strengths to each opportunity. As with its concept and production talent, the company’s post collaborators have been carefully curated. Since its launch, @LArge has enjoyed ongoing collaborations with key clients, with big momentum in repeat business including projects for Toyota and Ancestry.com.

About @LArge Productions:
@LArge Productions is a boutique shop that is built on big shop experience. A spirit of respect is infused in all collaborations with the deep understanding that freedom of expression leads to freedom of creation. @LArge Productions aligns Ideas + Talent + Top Notch Producing + Proof of Concept, bringing unparalleled service to its clients. http://largeproductionsinc.com


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