Canon Digital Learning Center presents Vlogging and Filmmaking tutorials for VidCon with “Film Riot’s” Ryan Connolly and “TuneTrek’s” MikelParis


How to Film Films with Filmmaking with Ryan Connolly

Last Updated: July 29, 2015 3:03 pm GMT
(July 29, 2015) Filmmaker Ryan Connolly, the face of YouTube’s popular channel “Film Riot,” shows you how to create Hollywood-level productions on a budget. Learn how to select the right camera for your project, how to setup and select composition, how to light for scenes, the importance of audio and much more. As the creator of popular films, like “Portal Combat” and “Real Gone,” Connolly shows you the basics behind films like those. Using minimal equipment – which may include a Canon EOS DSLR, Cinema EOS camera or video camera and accessories – see how you can also produce films like he does.

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Behind the Scenes: TuneTrek with MikelParis
Singer and songwriter MikelParis, host of YouTube’s popular series “TuneTrek,” takes you behind the scenes of one of his episodes, “Poppenhusen Institute.” Shot in Queens, NY, find out which gear he uses and why, his setup process, how to obtain the best audio quality, his post-production process, preferred applications and much more.

As a “one-man band,” see how MikelParis completes an episode himself, from set-up to editing, and how you can do it too.

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