Proprietary Technology to Transform Animation Industry


House of Moves Reveals Agile Animation Pipeline that Transforms Content Creation

Last Updated: August 3, 2015 7:36 pm GMT
(LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA--August 3, 2015) House of Moves, a full-service motion capture and key frame animation company known for its ability to deliver unrivaled quality, is announcing a new groundbreaking technology suite, codenamed Helibug. House of Moves CEO Brian Rausch reveals this proprietary process that radically rethinks the production of both linear and interactive content creation, resulting in improved time and cost efficiencies. Additionally, the technology gives users the ability to redistribute content across multiple mediums including, feature films, viral videos, advertisements, games, virtual reality and more.

“The Helibug technology has the ability to disrupt the animation industry and show the world what can be done when you unleash creativity with the right technology,” said Brian Rausch, CEO of House of Moves. "We shoot like it's theatre, edit like it's TV and animate like it's film."

Leveraging nearly two decades of experience and building on a rich history of delivering motion capture and animation solutions, House of Moves has been the partner of choice for brands and franchises that include: Titanic, Call of Duty®, TRON: Legacy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Battlefield: Hardline™, HALO: Reach, Mortal Kombat X and most recently, the


Continued Rausch, “at the end of each week, our clients are astounded with the interactive, collaborative nature of the Helibug technology and the ability to continuously adjust creative choices – sometimes hours before the final picture is complete.”

In late 2014, the management-led buyout from parent company OMG plc (LSE: OMG) furthered House of Moves’ trajectory to becoming a full-service creative animation studio. Now House of Moves is exercising its full creative freedoms to develop previously unseen workflows to transform the process for creating unique, high quality animation. The codenamed Helibug pipeline is among House of Moves’ initial reveals of these next-level, interactive House of Moves technologies.

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About House of Moves

House of Moves is a full-service animation production studio where imagination and technology converge with inspiring artists within the entertainment, gaming and commercial trades to see and express stories in previously unimagined ways. With an industry-leading motion capture studio and proprietary interactive animation pipeline, House of Moves can breathe life into any character, allowing animation to be director and actor-driven from start to finish. Providing the benchmark motion capture and animation services for the entertainment industry for nearly 20 years, House of Moves’ expertise spans over many markets, with thousands of successfully completed animation projects including: video games, TV commercials, feature films, broadcast television series, virtual reality, and online character animation/content. For more information, visit


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