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Last Updated: August 5, 2015 7:11 pm GMT
(New York,, New York,--August 5, 2015) Twist’s recently signed storytelling Director, Igor Borghi, has just completed a number of projects which have surprisingly called for him to channel a darker tone. This stint includes projects for Virgin Radio, Dr. Giorgini, NBC’s Studio Universal, and monster.com. These projects come on the heels of Borghi’s equally edgy work for Parisian Gentleman and Sognid’oro Tea.

The street-cast spot for pharmaceutical company Dr. Giorgini features criminals who allow themselves to succumb to their sleepy, safer selves after using the product. Borghi was recognized at Cannes again this year for the Dr. Giorgini work, helmed by DVLBBDO which made a couple of shortlists. To view the new Dr. Giorgini spot entitled “Make the World a Peaceful Place,” go here: https://reel.io/__BmQ6e

Virgin Radio’s TV and web spot personifies death, in a poetic portrayal of a woman gripped by the immortality of music. An ode to musicians like Kurt Cobain, whose music has survived them, this spot culminates in the line “Music Is Life”. To view the new Virgin Radio spot entitled “Death” go here: https://reel.io/__QPrik

Similarly, Igor’s work for NBC’s Studio Universal opens on a thirty seconds of a gripping chase and fight scene which brings the subjects into the bedroom of an unsuspecting young couple. The Monster.com campaign shares the inner monologue of inanimate objects while we witness the human source of their angst while Parisian Gentlemen’s spot gives us another inside view at how inappropriate a world without Gentlemen is. Borghi’s string of dark spots had some origin with an award-winning spot he did for Sognid’oro’s chamomile tea, which parallels drinking and driving with a toddler knocked out in his living room by a tea-induced sleep.

Borghi, who has covered a range of qualities as a director, comments on this recent streak of moody work: “There is certainly a different type of awareness on set that this work requires. For instance, it was raining when we were shooting the bank robbery scene, so the crew was under umbrellas – incredibly, we didn’t look like a crew. You could barely see the steadicam operator. During the third take of the guys running in the direction of the car, a woman started screaming loudly and freaking out - - thinking that the actors were real thieves.” Borghi adds, “You’d think there wouldn’t be as many happy accidents with the heavy scripts, but in our spot for Parisian Gentleman, we bought an additional scene for our client. When a woman comes out of a van, dressed in a bunny suit with booze in her hand, you have to find a way to work it in.”

Repeat agency client DVL BBDO offered, “We really know Igor Borghi’s narrative talent, his particular aesthetic, and his personal touch in telling stories. Just as important, he has an ability to capture the spirit of an idea and enhance its creativity. He was our first and only choice for the job.”

Twist EP Amyliz Pera concludes, “Though it might incite a little controversy, I think the new work is lovely and sophisticated. ‘We wish we could sell something like this’ has been a common response from clients in the American market who go on to suggest that the European market [both clients and consumers] expect lighter messaging, especially in places with a general market filter. Igor clearly has carved out an unusual niche, but we’re equally eager to produce smart and uplifting work with him. He’s not a scary guy. He likes popsicles and kitties.”

Client: Dr. Giorgini Agency: DVL BBDO Executive Creative Director: Stefania Siani, Federico Pepe Creative Director: Emanuele Viora, Andrea Jaccarino Art Director: Andrea Jaccarino, Federico Pepe Copywriter: Emanuele Viora Account: Ilaria Castiglioni Production Company: Filmgood Director: Igor Borghi Executive Producer: Emanuela Cavazzini Dop: Gigi Martinucci Producer: Stefano Renolfi Stylist: Elena Manferdini Music: Enzo Casucci Hair: Luca Pierini e Gabriele Marozzi per Les Garçons de la Rue Postproduction: Pasteup + Iggy Post Colorist: Daniel Pallucca Casting DirectorTeresa Di Modugno

Client: Virgin Radio Advertising Agency: Armando Testa Creative Directors: Dario Anania, Vincenzo Celli Art Director: Matteo Pozzi Copywriter: Samantha Scaloni Clients Service Director: Tiziana Perotti Advisor Responsible for Innovation: Nicola Belli Production: The Family Executive Producer: Stefano Quaglia Producer: Tommaso Haimann Director: Igor Borghi Director of Photography: Alessandro Bolzoni Editing: Nicola Mucelli Color Correction: You Are Music: Enzo Casucciv

About Twist

A global production company, Twist has offices in New York and Los Angeles. Headed by EP/President Jim Geib and EP Amyliz Pera, Twist features a diverse Directorial roster in addition to the worldwide creative collective: Tomato. Recent projects include work with acclaimed comedian Kevin Hart, a series of spots for National Rental Cars starring Patrick Warburton shot by Twist Director Matt Pittroff, and food Director Scott Pitts’ project for the well known restaurant client Bob Evans.


Igor Borghi


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