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Last Updated: September 1, 2015 12:14 pm GMT
(Amsterdam, IBC 2015--September 1, 2015) Blue Lucy has today announced the full integration of Vidcheck’s file based quality control toolset, Vidchecker, with the Blue Lucy Asset Manager (BLAM).

The integration means that from within the BLAM web-browser user interface operators can send media for QC testing, selecting from the range of Vidchecker’s standard, or user- configured, templates. Alternatively, a Vidcheck QC step can be set as part of a workflow within BLAM, thereby establishing a completely automated process for imported or exported media.

Currently in use with most major broadcasters and with content distributors, archive organisations and post production companies, Vidchecker automatically checks parameters and settings that manual methods typically get wrong in the preparation and exchange of file-based media between post production, distribution, and broadcast.

The BLAM integration with Vidchecker at the application program interface layer means that Vidchecker appears in the same way as any other BLAM plug-in, enabling operators to make use of ‘Vidchecker Grid’ for high volume content processing - typical in bulk operations such as videotape archive digitisation or media aggregation.

Within BLAM the results of the automated Vidchecker process can be viewed in detail within the quality assurance (QA) view. This provides a browser-based video player that allows frame accurate seeking within a file. The player timeline is populated with markers that identify points within the file that have been highlighted by Vidchecker. Users can skip through the file to the sections identified in the Vidchecker results and examine them in detail. The QA view can also be linked to Blue Lucy’s baseband video player for ‘eye ball’ checks.

Blue Lucy CEO Julian Wright said, “We are pleased to have completed the incorporation of Vidchecker into the BLAM ecosystem ahead of this year’s IBC, although owing to the simplicity and richness of the Vidchecker and BLAM APIs, the development was extremely quick, which is the way things should be in the modern era.

“Vidchecker is becoming the de facto standard for many of our UK customers, as well as internationally. It is the file-based quality control tool that we are asked about the most and we are already enabling the new features for existing BLAM and Vidchecker customers.”


About BLAM Blue Lucy BLAM combines asset management, workflow orchestration, and advanced video processing in one complete system. By providing a user-focused approach to content management, BLAM enables efficient, streamlined processes for production, media publishing, and archiving - an evolutionary step for media operations.

BLAM is third-generation media asset management software that provides a complete, web-enabled system using open standards that is accessible through a comprehensive API with seamless cloud and on-premise integration.

Providing a universal toolset for production asset management and digital asset management, BLAM affords a complete and scalable solution. Operationally, all BLAM features are accessed via a browser-based interface, which provides global access to its media management and plug-in tools. The interface enables all production workflow management operations to be managed through a highly customisable user interface - from baseband and file ingest, content reformatting, and metadata management to publishing and distribution.

BLAM provides a complete asset management and workflow capability in a structured, uncomplicated manner and is designed to meet a broad range of business and operational requirements in the end-to-end media production and delivery chain.

The core capabilities of BLAM can be extended with a range of more than 30 plug-ins enabling operators to build a customised platform that supports specific operational and business needs.

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About Blue Lucy Blue Lucy is a software development leader in the field of media production and operations. The software capability is supported by business consulting and programme implementation to ensure the realisation of business benefits in all projects.

Blue Lucy produce business orientated software tools for content asset management, workflow orchestration and video processing; enabling broadcasters and content owners / producers to confidently deploy software systems which meet the business drivers of today, and tomorrow. The highly innovative software tools are enablers for broadcast operators and media companies to exploit and monetise content for multi-platform delivery.

Blue Lucy is privately held, free from commercial debt, venture capital and has been profitable since incorporation. The company is based in south west London, operating internationally through global regional partners and directly to end-customers.

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About Vidcheck Vidcheck ( supplies class-leading software for automated quality control and automated correction of file-based media. Vidcheck personnel have unrivalled experience in the QC of file-based video, having been closely involved in this market from the start.

Vidcheck’s software comprises award-winning packages for automated quality control of video and audio media. These provide a comprehensive check of the overall file, video and audio parameters and perform intelligent correction of most common errors that can occur in the signal stream.

Currently used by most major broadcasters and content distributors, archive organisations and post-production companies, Vidchecker and Vidfixer focus on checking the parameters and settings that people typically get wrong in preparation and exchange of file-based media between post production, distribution and broadcast.

Using the latest technology, Vidcheck software automatically takes advantage of multi-core and multi-thread processors to process multiple files simultaneously and quickly.


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