Aaton Digital shows the production model of the new CantarX3 location 24 track digital audio recorder plus new accessories at IBC 2015


Last Updated: September 8, 2015 6:23 am GMT
(Paris and London--September 8, 2015) Aaton Digital will show the production model of its new CantarX3 location 24 track digital audio recorder along with new accessories for it at IBC 2015. The recorders are now being delivered to the many who pre ordered.

The CantarX3 and the new CANTAREM 2 assignable mixer fader panel, and 2) the Cantar Modular Bag

CEO Jacques Delacoux says: “This is the ultimate location recorder for the motion picture industry but also for other recording applications such as drama and orchestral work. The Aaton and Cantar names already carry forward a reputation for outstanding quality, practicality and reliability, and in this new CantarX3 Aaton Digital has applied new digital technology and new manufacturing techniques to create an outstanding flexible tool for those who need to record professional audio for years to come.”

Production sound mixer Tim White is already the owner of a new CantarX3 and explained why a high track count is needed more and more in the changing face of motion picture recording:
“For movie work there are increasing instances now of dialogue that has to be heard along with heavy levels of music, not just background music but music integral to the scene and it’s right in your face. For the dialogue to punch through the music and through all the action effects, it has to be very dry. Often booms can’t get in close enough so it’s all radio mics. That’s why you need tracks; 12 tracks will cover a lot of what we do, but sometimes I will need up to 16. Up until now I’ve had to find workarounds for more tracks which is one reason I have two CantarX2s. The CantarX3 with all those tracks will do away with all that.”

“The fader design is amazing. With both the linear and the rotary faders there is no direct mechanical connection between the fader you touch and the electronic sensor it is adjusting. There are very strong small magnets that connect the outside to the sealed electronics inside via a magnetic field, to keep water and dust out permanently. Roller balls and bearings are also used within and the end result is an excellent ‘feel’ to the controls but without the worry of ingress of dust or water.”

There are wealth of features built in to this machine so you really need to come along to IBC stand 11.F31 and see for yourself.

NEW accessories for the CantarX3 will be presented at the show:

NEW: The CANTAREM 2, an optional USB-connected mixer panel to quickly add 12 more assignable mixer faders when operating a high track count. There are also 4 assignable buttons for special functions.

NEW: The Modular Bag, a lightweight, futuristic Cantar Bag, made for handheld work. The Cantar itself acts as the skeleton, while the bag and its 2 pouches can hold up to 8 wireless receivers. Two side pouches hold extra batteries or more receivers. An extra battery compartment is available.

NEW: The Sound Mixer Rain Poncho. For really wet and cold locations, (like the UK) there’s a custom poncho to protect both the Cantar and recordist. With a huge transparent window in front, there are vents under the arms and a big Aaton- Digital logo in back.

Audinate’s Dante, the audio networking system is available for the X3 via an optional plug-in board. This is rapidly becoming the de facto network connection system making it possible to connect say racks or radio mics or outboard preamps using a single Cat5 cable.

CEO Jacques Delacoux, Sales Director Karine Fouque and their teams will be on the stand throughout the show to meet and demonstrate the full line-up of Aaton Digital and Transvideo products.

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French Technologies for Motion Picture, Broadcast and Digital Cinematography.

About Aaton Digital:

In June 2013, TRANSVIDEO’s holding company Ithaki acquired AATON, the French manufacturer of cinematic equipment. Since this time, AATON-Digital developed the Cantar-X3, the most advanced on location sound recorder that received a Cinec Award in 2014.


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