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Last Updated: September 10, 2015 10:07 pm GMT
(PORTA, PORTUGAL--September 10, 2015) GLOOKAST, an innovator in MXF workflow solutions, has added UHD/4K capabilities to its family of ingest solutions with the introduction of CAPTURER 4K for baseband ingest, and a new version of INGESTER HR for file-based ingest. Both solutions feature Avid’s DNxHR and Sony’s XAVC codecs and will be shown for the first time on Stand 7.D03 at IBC 2015.

CAPTURER 4K can ingest both Quad 3G (four interleaved 3G-SDI signals) as well as 12G-SDI signals. It encodes in high-resolution and proxy versions, writing those files to either generic storage or directly into Avid’s MediaCentral | UX. CAPTURER 4K is capable of encoding into Avid’s DNxHR codec or Sony’s XAVC codec, as well as downscaling the UHD/4K signal into HD for encoding into any of GLOOKAST’s existing HD codecs.

The new version of INGESTER HR can ingest UHD/4K files including DNxHR, H.264 or XAVC to either Avid’s MediaCentral | UX or to generic storage. This new version of INGESTER HR is also capable of downscaling and transcoding UHD/4K files to HD.

“The downscaling option available in both CAPTURER 4K and INGESTER HR keeps UHD/4K workflow-friendly in post,” said Edel Garcia, EVP Sales & Marketing, GLOOKAST. “Editors can continue to use their current HD post production systems using an HD proxy and later conform to the higher resolution UHD/4K version as needed.”
CAPTURER 4K and INGESTER HR, as well as the entire Glooport family of solutions, will be available for demonstration on Stand 7.D03 at IBC 2015.


Established in 2009, GLOOKAST is redefining MXF-based broadcast and drama production workflows. Gloobox and Glooport family of products were developed from the ground up with key capabilities to address news, sports, archive, disaster recovery, and post-production workflows. With a set of modular and highly customizable tools, GLOOKAST makes implementation of true multi-format, multi-resolution workflows a reality.

GLOOKAST products are widely used by broadcasters, content producers, universities, and post-production facilities in the USA, Latin America and Europe.


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