Luma Pictures, Glassworks, Wildbytes and more adopt ftrack


Momentum grows as high-profile customers discuss how ftrack will streamline their business

Last Updated: October 6, 2015 4:45 pm GMT
(Stockholm, Sweden--October 6, 2015) ftrack, the project management solution for creative industries, continues to pick up momentum with a wave of new adopters.

New customers include Santa Monica- and Melbourne-based visual effects studio Luma Pictures; a major player in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with VFX work supplied to Ant-Man, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy and more.

Other adopters include global post-production company Glassworks; interactive experiential agency Wildbytes; and Tokyo-based animation studio Toneplus Animation Studios.

New adopters

Michael Perdew, VFX Producer at Luma Pictures comments: “Luma puts an extremely high priority on maintaining a fluid, nimble and robust workflow in order to meet the ever-changing demands of VFX production. After completing a comprehensive audit of our in-house project tracking system, it quickly became apparent that ftrack was the obvious choice to help elevate our capabilities.

“ftrack’s versatility enables us to precisely quantify the most efficient way to execute unique, mixed reality projects alongside complex blockbuster feature films. The software also allows us to seamlessly produce commercial and episodic content utilizing the same pool of artists across our facilities worldwide.

“In our assessment, it's the only platform available that allows a studio to alter not only the semantics from project to project, but also the workflow and hierarchies. This enables per-project specifics to co-exist with a unified back-end that eliminates any confusion or clutter on the artist side. ftrack’s open and collaborative nature has been a breath of fresh air and we're extremely excited about this new partnership.”

Julio Obelleiro, Co-founder / CEO at Wildbytes comments: ”Wildbytes’ experiential design blends cutting-edge real-time software with high-end VFX and post-production techniques. The combination of these two elements in live events such as large-scale, hyper-realistic augmented reality experiences requires an extremely fluid asset production management software.

“ftrack has pushed our production timeline to the next level thanks to a rare combination in the industry: a visual-centric approach that allows us to not only track production tasks, but also review them as soon as as they are produced – remotely, from any of our offices – with a flexible production pipeline that we can adapt to each new project to improve our process. We work with ever-evolving interactive technologies, and as such, we need an ever-evolving production management tool – ftrack is a perfect fit.”

Javier Verdugo, Head of 3D at Glassworks Barcelona comments: “ftrack has been a very useful VFX project management tool for us. We started using it for a very specific project, with very specific needs, but it quickly became a basic collaborative solution within the team. It’s intuitive, and makes the communication and exchange of data between artists, supervisors and producers fluent and simple.”

Bernard Edlington, President at Toneplus Animation Studios comments: “Toneplus does features, commercials, TV series and games in multiple languages for a range of clients in Asia and beyond. We’ve always held a vision of unifying our international pipeline to get the maximum cost efficiency out of our global talent pool. Thankfully, with ftrack, the Python API is versatile and easy to learn, and it has enabled us to automate and track production processes to cut down time wasted in manual work and free up time to focus on being creative.

“For us, ftrack offers the most flexible system – one that we can modify easily and host securely on-­site, making it accessible from our multiple studios and linking with our trusted production partners to keep everyone in the loop.

“ftrack was a no-­brainer: other solutions did not even come close to the cost performance and reliability that we required.”

Keely Colceugh, Founder at Kilograph comments: “Kilograph is a rapidly growing visualization studio with project management needs across a range of project types. ftrack has been a game changer in our ability to manage client deliverable schedules, improve global efficiency and streamline workflows.

“ftrack’s easy-to-use task assignment feature allows managers to control the amount of time artists spend on specific areas of a project, helping each artist focus their efforts for maximum effect within the context of a job. The clean and intuitive interface makes important information immediately visible, which is a refreshing change from the visual clutter associated with other similar project management softwares.

“ftrack has become our mission control for managing projects at every level. It has helped all members of our team feel more connected to the work we do and has helped us to feel in touch with every aspect of the work at any time.”

Brett Clark, producer, and Dustin Ballard, COO at PK Pictures comment: "Here at PK our projects range from in-studio shoots to international live shows. We use ftrack to keep track of the details of every project; from the smallest to the biggest. It has transformed the way we do business and manage our clients."

Fredrik Limsäter, CEO at ftrack comments: “We’re extremely pleased to welcome these new customers to ftrack. It’s proof of the solution’s flexibility, demonstrating that whatever the studio’s requirements or size, ftrack can scale to provide the necessary results. We hope to see this growing momentum continue into the coming months.”

About ftrack

A privately held company, with offices in Stockholm, Sweden and San Francisco in the US, ftrack is led by CEO and Founder, Fredrik Limsäter.

The development of the ftrack creative project management platform started in 2008 and it has been used successfully in production since 2009. ftrack AB was formed in 2011 by the original developers. The team behind ftrack have extensive experience working in the advertising, VFX, post-production and game industries, meaning they fully understand the challenges creative people in each industry face on a day-to-day basis.

High profile users include Cinesite, Luma Pictures, Saddington Baynes, Mackevision, The Mill, MPC Commercials and Glassworks.


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