releases auto-clean-plate tool "Superpose" for Nuke and After Effects


Last Updated: October 7, 2015 10:41 pm GMT
(Munich, Germany--October 7, 2015) The German freelance collaboration has released it's in-house tool Superpose. The software automatically removes moving objects from any shot with a static or stabilized camera. The tool was developed during the collaborative's last few feature film productions mainly to remove rain and snow.

Superpose analyses each pixel and calculates the probability of the background pixel value, leading to less ghosting than traditional cleanup techniques like frame averaging. Superpose is most effective when removing a huge number of objects, which would normally take a lot of manual work.

Superpose is available for Nuke 8+ and also for AfterEffects CC2015.

A single node-locked license consts €149 (Nuke) and €99 (After Effects). A watermarked demo is available for free. More infos and the tool in action can be found on the product page is a freelance collaboration, which consists of experts in VFX and Software Development. The collective's reel includes work for Glassworks, Sehsucht, MPC and several German film production companies.


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