"Scary Good Halloween" from Food Network and Hollywood's biggest Integrated Marketing and Branding Agency, Troika


Last Updated: October 8, 2015 7:43 pm GMT
(October 8, 2015) While everyone was at the beach or on vacation in August, the talented people at Hollywood’s biggest Integrated Marketing and Branding Agency, Troika , was busy creating “Scary Good Halloween” on-air identities for its client, Food Network, a seasonal campaign which began running on air this past Sunday, October 4.

The 9 food fun and food-centric ID’s include: Franken Cupcakes, Pizza Mummy, S’more Critters, a Cat Cake and Ghost Cupcakes - great fun for the whole family! Troika’s package for Halloween includes On-Air Promo Toolkit and a set of Network Logo IDs, which are attached with this e-mail.

Key Credits for The Food Network include: SUSIE FOGELSON | Senior Vice President, Marketing & Brand Strategy, TERRY MCCORMICK | Vice President, Brand Creative, CRISTINE SHROPSHIRE | Creative Director, Brand Image & Editorial, DREW PATRIZI | Creative Director, On-Air Promotion, ANNA YOON | Design Director, Brand Creative, TRAVIS McGHIE | Director of Production & Operations, Brand Creative, MICHELE AVERY | Producer, Brand Creative

Key Credits for Troika include: Reid Thompson, Creative Director; Mindy Park, Lead Designer;Jun Kim and Jason Beale, Animators; Jake Braafladt, Creative Associate; Davon Ramos, Editor;Marianne Angelo, Art Director and the entire package was produced by Jeanette Etchebehere.

Here are the videos!

· 'Ritz Spiders' https://vimeo.com/140100689

· 'Franken Cupcake' https://vimeo.com/140101300

· 'Ghost Cupcakes' https://vimeo.com/140101529


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