LEADER to demonstrate advanced 4K production-support solutions and VC7 video standards converter at SMPTE 2015


See Leader Instruments on stand 304 at SMPTE 2015, October 26-29, 2015, Loews Hollywood Hotel, Hollywood, California

Last Updated: October 14, 2015 3:06 pm GMT
(Fullerton, California--October 14, 2015) Following a highly successful IBC2015 in Amsterdam, LEADER Instruments is heading to Hollywood for the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers' 2015 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition. SMPTE 2015 will be held at the Loews Hollywood Hotel, October 26-29.


LEADER will demonstrate at SMPTE 2015 its flagship LV 5490 4K/HD/SD waveform monitor and 4K-capable LV 7390 rasterizer. Also on show will be the ShibaSoku VC7 multi-format standards converter which LEADER is now distributing in the USA and Canada. Exhibiting on stand 304, LEADER will be represented by Pete Anderson (Director of Sales) and Christian Young (Product Marketing Manager).

LEADER LV 5490 4K/HD/SD waveform monitor

The LV 5490 is a highly versatile waveform monitor supporting the full range of standard video production and transmission resolutions from 525 and 625 standard definition up to 3840 x 2160 and 4096 x 2160 4K ultra-high definition. It incorporates a 1920 x 1080 9 inch LCD monitor with a wide viewing angle and high quality colorimetry. This allows simultaneous analysis of up to four video channels. The instrument's 4K capability is particularly useful to people working with latest generation cameras, whether for digital cinematography or high-end broadcast applications.

Equipped with eight input connectors, the LV 5490 accepts up to two 4K signals simultaneously. In the 4K video format mode, 3G-SDI dual link or quad link is supported. Up to four 3G-SDI dual link 4K video inputs or up to two 3G-SDI quad link 4K video inputs can be selected for display, or two sets of HD-SDI dual link signals. In the SDI mode, up to four signals can be displayed simultaneously. The LV 5490 is also equipped to handle video signals via two-sample interleave as well as square division. Two-sample interleave is the approved standard for 4K.

The LV 5490 can be operated in a very wide selection of test and measurement roles. These include waveform, vector, picture monitoring, SDI signal status (which looks for cyclic-redundancy-check errors and embedded-audio errors), an event log, data dump and four-channel timing display. Waveform, vector and picture can be viewed simultaneously on the LV 5490 screen. Simultaneous display and overlay display of multiple SDI inputs is possible. Size and location of individual channel displays can be adjusted using a USB mouse. The LV5490 can also be controlled remotely using standard KVM tools.

The integral CINELITE® feature allows the user to measure the luminance levels at different points in a scene (up to 3 points). CINEZONE® uses false colors to indicate luminance levels in a scene and is particularly suited to green screen chroma-key virtual-set alignment.

In addition to its video test and measurement capabilities, the LEADER LV 5490 incorporates a versatile selection of audio monitoring and analysis tools, which are available with the Digital Audio option. These include 4 x 4 channels of SDI audio de-embedding, lissajous display, surround-sound display and volumetric display. Up to 16 channels of de-embedded SDI audio can be displayed on screen and output as discrete AES3 feeds.

Additional features of the LV5490 include video frame capture, instrumentation screen capture, timecode display, ID display and a 4K pattern generator with embedded audio.

Eye pattern, including jitter waveform display and Dolby decoding, can be ordered as optional facilities along with a CIE 1931/1976 color space chart which can display BT.709, DCI (P2) plus BT.2020 (the 4K standard's full ITU recommended color space).

LV5490 operators can adjust the size of up to four displays on the screen to suit specific tasks. This allows easy magnification and inspection of detail on the instrument's 9 inch 1920 x 1080 LCD screen instead of being limited to fixed size quadrants. The LV5490 also comes with a 1920 x 1080 HD DVI and HD-SDI rasterized output for display on a larger monitor.

Fully portable, the LV 5490 has a footprint of just 8.77 inches wide by 14.7 inches deep and a height of 7.44 inches (223 x 360 x 189 mm). The instrument weighs only 10.4 pounds (4.72 kg). A rack mounting adapter is available.

LEADER LV 7390 4-channel 4K/3G/HD/SD-SDI rasterizer

Launched at NAB in April and now available with optional 4K signal processing, the LV 7390 is a 3G/HD/SD-SDI rasterizer which can be used to measure up to four source channels simultaneously. It occupies just 1U and can be deployed for desktop or rack-mounted operation.

Designed for easy connection into 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI systems, the LV 7390 incorporates full-resolution 3G/HD-SDI and DVI-I rasterized outputs which allow detailed video and audio parameters be checked on a separate monitor in full 1920 x 1080 HD resolution.

Measurements can be displayed as waveform, vector, picture, audio and SDI status. Display layout is user-customisable from a wide range of available settings including individual full screen or user-defined combinations. These settings can be configured from the front panel or via a standard USB pointing device and then saved for fast recall. 60 user-definable presets are accessible. These can be labeled and displayed on-screen. A reference marker can be placed at any position on the rasterized image.

A screen capture function allows the operator to send the displayed image as a BMP file to a removable USB memory device. This feature can be used for matching cameras or documenting a shot for purposes such as continuity or technical trouble-shooting.

Transmission line measurement for each SDI input can be displayed numerically in terms of equivalent cable length, allowing the safety margin to be checked quickly.

Video Engineer menus are provided for use in camera shading correction. When activated, they can be accessed at the press of a single button.

The integral CINELITE® feature allows the user to measure the luminance levels at different points in a scene (up to 3 points). CINEZONE® uses false colors to indicate luminance levels in a scene and is particularly suited to green screen chroma-key virtual-set alignment.

Additional features include error logs and alarms, format and timecode display, four-channel timing display and SDI analysis data dump with hexadecimal values for YCbCr, EAV and SAV search. Status display provides information on a variety of error monitoring functions such as CRC, TRS position, illegal code, and line number SDI errors, checksum and parity ancillary data errors, BCH, parity, DBN, inhibit, and embedded audio errors. Ethernet connectivity allows remote control via an internet or extranet connection. The LV 7390 supports TELNET, FTP, HTTP, and SNMP protocols.

Optionally available for the LV 7390 are separate SDI inputs which can display signals from up to four camera viewfinders, including the in-viewfinder menu configuration. This facility allows camera operators to monitor the settings of remotely located cameras, typically from a studio control room or mobile production truck.

Future options will include eight-channel digital audio I/O (estimated to be available from Q4 2015); eye-pattern and jitter measurement (Q1 2016); 4K signal measurement capability (second half of 2016).

The LEADER LV 7390 operates from 90-250 volt 50/60 hertz mains at 90 watts maximum.

ShibaSoku VC7 multi-format standards converter

A major addition to the range of products LEADER now offers, the ShibaSoku VC7 is a versatile multi-format standards converter incorporating advanced dynamic vector and motion compensation. Multiple intermediate fields are calculated by shifting the position of the moving image based on the direction and magnitude of its motion. This results in razor-sharp natural motion playback free from the video 'stuttering' which often accompanies camera panning and the tracking of fast moving objects.

The VC7 can convert between up to 10 commonly used video signal formats. The standard version comes with 1080/59.94i and 1080/50i inputs and outputs. Support for 1080/29.97PsF, 1080/25PsF, 1080/24PsF,1080/23.98PsF, 720/59.94p, 720/50p, 625i/50 and 525i/59.94 formats is available as an option.

Operational features include automatic input/output selection, ancillary timecode, linear timecode and vertical interval timecode conversion and an ancillary data transfer function making conversions easier and more effective. Automatic aspect ratio selection is also provided, supporting 16:9, 15:9, 14:9, 13:9 and 4:3.

The VC7 comes as standard with AES/EBU 24 bit multichannel input and output plus audio channel mapping which allows any audio input channel to be assigned to any output. The status of each audio channel can be displayed at any time. Dolby-E encoding and decoding are available as an option.

All features can be operated locally using the front control panel or remotely via SNMP/HTTP protocol. The HTTP capability is compatible with any standard web browser. A range of test signals can be accessed from the control menu. These include video color bars and scroll, channel-sequential 1 kHz audio tone at -20 dBm and CEA608/708 closed captions.

Rear panel connections include HD-SDI/SD-SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI outputs, black-burst/tri-level reference sync input and AES/EBU digital audio outputs.

Housed in a compact 2U high chassis, the VC7 incorporates a 90 to 240 volt 50/60 hertz power supply (150 watts) and provides space for an optional redundant power supply.

LEADER Instruments Corporation

LEADER produces a wide range of electronic measuring instruments for video-related fields such as broadcast video and audio signal analysis and system alignment. Established over 40 years ago in the USA by LEADER Electronics (Yokohama, Japan), LEADER Instruments Corporation (www.leaderamerica.com) provides customer support, sales and marketing services both for LEADER and a select number of high-technology manufacturers with specific focus on the broadcast and professional video market.

LEADER Instruments operates a fast, efficient and highly experienced sales and support channel. LEADER Instruments has offices with local representation in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas and Louisville plus warehousing in Los Angeles.


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