Executive Producer Wendy Rosen & Editor Anthony Marinelli Launch TwoPoint0 With A New & Innovative Business Model


Last Updated: October 19, 2015 6:27 pm GMT
(New York, New York--October 19, 2015) With years of industry experience between them Partner/Executive Producer/Editor Wendy Rosen & Partner/Editor Anthony Marinelli have launched TwoPoint0. Based on an innovative, new business model, the editorial company and creative collective features the talents of the two founding partners, as well as such luminary Editors as: Bruce Ashley, Charlie Cusumano, Jane Keller, Nick Lofting, John Marinis, Keith Olwell, and Jon Rosen. www.twopoint0.tv

According to Wendy Rosen & Anthony Marinelli, TwoPoint0 is a collective wherein creative Editors can feel as though they have a home. "It is an answer to the constantly shifting advertising/post-production landscape where more and more highly experienced, talented creative individuals prefer to be in the freelance world, yet still desire administrative, production and promotional support," explains Rosen.

"We take the post-production model a step beyond the previous four-walling concept," adds Marinelli. "We provide a seasoned Executive Producer with Wendy, who is also an Editor herself, so she really understands what the needs of an Editor are on any given project. We also have all the staff-support needed for a flawless experience. Wendy actively represents Editors in the collective, assessing upcoming jobs in the marketplace and determining a complimentary Editor for a particular project or client.

"Envision a new working model and a company, a collective, that is flexible, nimble and ready to meet the challenges of today's advertising, production and post-production market," explains Marinelli. "To borrow a Marshall McLuhan analogy, we're no longer looking into the rearview mirror of the industry, but focusing our attention on the road ahead."

As founding partners in TwoPoint0, for Rosen & Marinelli, their goal and mission is to create more opportunities for freelance Editors while offering greater flexibility to clients by customizing each project to their needs, from conception to completion, with an eye towards comfort and convenience in the process. Ready to meet the challenges of a constantly evolving industry, putting the work first, providing all the technical expertise, creativity and passion every project demands.

Barbara Michelson, Head of Broadcast Production at ad agency DeVito/Verdi, says collaborating with Anthony and Wendy at TwoPoint0 has been a great experience. She is currently in the midst of one of TwoPoint0's premiere projects for Bernie & Phyl's, edited by Marinelli, who is working with Michelson and agency creatives Rob Slosberg and Matt Songer on the new campaign. "They really understand the demands that we at the agency are under and they deliver every time." Michelson, Barry Flanik and Manny Santos, all from DeVito/Verdi, also just worked with Marinelli on the satirical "Pescatarian" campaign for Legal Sea Foods, which launched over the summer. A long-time collaborator with Marinelli and Rosen, Michelson is very impressed with the new model offered by TwoPoint0. "It provides us a great deal of flexibility about where we can work and when. I'm thrilled for Wendy and Anthony and can't wait to see where the company and this new model takes them."

The collective of Editors at TwoPoint0 agree that the new model offers them a great deal of flexibility, but also solid infrastructure needed to get a project completed from start to finish. For Editor Charlie Cusumano, he notes: "This is a model people have talked about over the past few years as the industry has shifted and changed, but Wendy is the first one who is diving right in and doing it," he notes. "It's so important to have a strong Executive Producer on a job like Wendy, who can take care of all of the client services that agency clients require."

TwoPoint0 Editor Bruce Ashley was thrilled when he was invited by Rosen to join the collective. "This model offers all of the features that you want in a high-end editorial company, without the brick and mortar," he explains. "You have a small stable of Editors to choose from for your projects whether that's talents working in Comedy, Beauty, Dialogue, etc., and you have all the client services that you require. For the Editor, we are assured the full support that we need to complete a project with a solid Assistant and an Executive Producer like Wendy with so many years of experience. It's a very appealing model."

For Editor Keith Olwell, TwoPoint0 offers him the ability to work anywhere in the city, depending upon the individual project's requirements. "I really appreciate the flexibility, yet the solid infrastructure, which is so important to getting a job done," he adds.

Editor Anthony Marinelli is editing the Bernie & Phyl's campaign for DeVito/Verdi; while Editor Charlie Cusumano has cut a new campaign for Nature Valley via McCann, which is airing this Fall.



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