Tomato, Twist's Integrated Director Collective, Shoots World Peace One's "Forgotten People" For Syrian Refugees


Last Updated: October 19, 2015 7:41 pm GMT
(New York, New York--October 19, 2015) Last week, in Munich, Germany, Twist’s integrated roster company Tomato shot the U.K.-based band the Ganda Boys’ recording session for World Peace One (WP1). The international group has donated a song to WP1 called “Forgotten People” to raise awareness for the Syrian Refugees. International creative studio Tomato is responsible for concept development, film direction, and production of the short documentary.

To view the ongoing fundraising campaign for the project, go here:

“Through the work of World Peace One and its partners, all funds raised will make classes and certifications available to refugees as fast as possible”, says WP1 Director of Education Jeanne Holm. “Longer term, this will be the foundation upon which we will create a global university alliance that provides education for all refugees, wherever they are.”

The Ganda Boys — Danny Sewagudde, Dennis Muggaga and acclaimed film composer Craig Pruess — created the song based on Danny and Dennis’ own refugee journey from Uganda to the U.K., and believe it speaks to a universal truth. Along with refugees from around the globe, the studio was filled with Syrian refugee participants, including several musicians that have not been able to play since their departure. The result will be a world music-inspired version of “Forgotten People,” which will be available on iTunes, Google Play, and other major sources, with all proceeds to benefit the World Peace One Education Fund. Supporting this will be a short documentary to be released as a film, and a music video of the live recording session.

“This is bold, empowering, and a showcase of the tremendous gifts refugees have to offer their host countries”, explains award-winning Tomato Director Len Dickter. “Our goal is to capture it all with sincerity and honesty, blending fly-on-the-wall documentary with moments of human connection and collaboration to let their true stories be told. We are humbled and proud to be a part of this.”

In addition to the numerous partners on the ground who helped to realize the event, experts including UCLA Extension, United Earth, and the International Association for Human Values, will work with World Peace One, led by Claes Nobel, to support the Fund to deliver urgent training, continuing education, community projects, and certification programs to the refugee population.

More funds are needed to complete the films and successfully launch the campaign. For this reason, World Peace One has launched an Indiegogo campaign to crowd source $40,000 on an emergency basis. Interested donors are invited to visit:

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