Myriad Media Completes Production & Post For Baldwin& And Red Hat's "People-Powered Billboard"


Last Updated: October 27, 2015 6:15 pm GMT
(Raleigh, North Carolina--October 27, 2015) Myriad Media has shared a long-term partnership with Red Hat, the leading provider of open-source software, on a series of projects. When the company’s ad agency, Baldwin&, came up with the idea for a “People-Powered Billboard,” the creative team at Myriad was tapped to create a behind-the-scenes documentary, including production and post, on an incredible 24-hour turnaround.

To view the short doc, which demonstrates the “power of collaboration”:

“Myriad Media was a great creative partner for this event,” says Paula Weigel Manager, Global Brand Development for Red Hat. “They know the Red Hat brand well, and delivered on the creative vision, helping to bring the power of collaboration to life through the people-powered billboard.”

Myriad documented the world’s first “People-Powered Billboard,” comprised of 63 people seated on a three-story “people stacker” as a live event. Myriad’s Director, Ryan Shelley, and Producer, Shawn Lamons, prepared their production team to capture as much of the event as possible.

“Our goal was to capture the moments that were happening in an authentic way,” details Shelley. “We did as much pre-planning as we could, since we had to move fast. We had an editor cutting the footage at our studio two blocks away while we shot throughout the day.”

Myriad Producer Shawn Lamons assembled a team to operate three cameras, including a drone. “It was so great to collaborate with everyone in advance of the event, so that we could prepare,” she explains. “We wanted to capitalize on the planning, yet still remain flexible to catch the moments as they happened.”

Ricardo Roberts, Partner and Director of Marketing for Myriad Media, notes the significance of the long-term relationship with Red Hat, which enabled his team to move quickly. “We have collaborated on so many projects together in the past, there was a bit of a short-hand for our creative team in terms of understanding what their goals were with this short documentary project,” he notes. “Although it was our first project with Baldwin&, we are both located here in Raleigh and collaborate in other ways, so it was a streamlined process for everyone involved. We were able to leverage the years of experience Myriad has creating content for the web and for social, and make this project happen on a very tight timetable. We are all incredibly thrilled with the end results.”

Myriad Media specializes in broadcast-quality production for digital and social distribution. With all necessary resources under one roof, the integrated production company can quickly create, shoot and edit micromedia campaigns for digital platforms.

Client: Red Hat

Agency: Baldwin&
Creative Director: David Baldwin Creative Director: Bob Ranew Art Director: Jimmy Blount Copywriter: Keith Greenstein Project Manager: Tonya Martin

Production Company: Myriad Media
Director: Ryan Shelley Producer: Shawn Lamons DP: Kent Willard Camera OP: Holt Menzies AC: Gray McClamrock Gaffer: Walker Anderson Sound: Ben Turney

Event Production: Billups

About Myriad:
Myriad Media is a production company based in Raleigh, NC. We’re daydreamers with a purpose. Storytelling runs in our blood, but so does the ability to execute. We believe in doing great work for great brands that we share values with, like honesty, simplicity, and humility.


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