INK celebrates 80 years of Jaguar


Last Updated: October 27, 2015 6:19 pm GMT
(October 27, 2015) Award-winning production studio INK has celebrated 80 years of the iconic automotive brand Jaguar with an extraordinary rendering of the beautiful, Le Mans-winning Jaguar D-Type.

The Jaguar D-Type images continue INK’s plain-body series, for which it plans to render one Le Mans-winning vehicle each year as a showcase of its automotive talent. The Jaguar D-Type image follows on from last year’s Porsche 917.

80 years of Jaguar

At INK you won’t just find the UK’s top creative talent; you’ll also meet some of the design industry’s most passionate petrolheads. This combined passion for artistic expression and automotive innovation led to the ‘plain-body’ series at INK – images of Le Mans-winning vehicles that embody the very best of sleek, efficient vehicular design.

“The plain-body series is an entirely self-directed project – INK was essentially its own client,” begins James Ball, director at INK. “It’s something we do internally to showcase our love of the automotive field and indulge our passion for beautiful vehicle design. Also, on a project like this, we can let junior artists really get stuck into the process and hone their modelling skills. They can have fun with it and experiment.”

The concept for the series developed organically at the studio: “We started with the Porsche 917 last year, which, after much deliberation, felt ‘right’ as a white car in a white environment, so we ended up calling it the plain-body series. We wanted to continue that idea with another Le Mans winner, and the Jaguar D-Type played into that nicely, considering that this marks the 80th year of the Jaguar brand.”

Using V-Ray, 3ds Max and Photoshop, the INK team created the iconic vehicle in CG. In keeping with the theme for the series they utilised a clean white colour palette, stripped of liveries or other additions to the car.

“In paring down complexity and maintaining simplicity of form, we felt we were staying true to the design principles of Dieter Rams, in which he strives for ‘as little design as possible’,” explains James. “There’s something classic about white. It allows you to focus on the beauty of the car – the smooth lines, the subtlety of it, how engaging the overall shape is.

“In a way the plain-body series follows our effortless design ethos at INK. It doesn’t need anything complicated to bring it to life – it’s all about the purity of that design.”

INK 2015 automotive showreel

INK has released a new automotive showreel, demonstrating the specialist CG work it has delivered for clients such as Honda, Land Rover, McLaren and more. It’s a great look into just one aspect of this creative production studio.

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