Pennzoil Introduces New Film & Announces 2016 Car Film Series


Last Updated: November 12, 2015 7:14 pm GMT
(November 12, 2015) It’s been nearly eight months since the sounds of screeching tires, a roaring engine and helicopters blades stirred residents of South Africa’s capital city. The cause of that commotion–a now iconic, yellow 707 horsepower Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat–has come to be known as Pennzoil


Today, Pennzoil releases an exclusive film “

” revealing how the driver landed behind the wheel of the Hellcat in Airlift Drift, and announces it’ll be releasing a series of horsepower-packed films in 2016, pushing the boundaries of car performance with new cars and new terrains. The aerial display of Pennzoil performance earlier this year was just the beginning…

It’s going to be quite the joyride.


DIRECTOR: Ozan Biron

EDITOR: Ozan Biron

Executive Producer: Trevor Cawood
Executive Producer: Ted Herman

AGENCY: J. Walter Thompson Atlanta
Chief Creative Officer: Perry Fair
Executive Creative Director: Jeremy Jones
Group Creative Director: Dustin Tamilio
Producer: Daryll Merchant
Account Director: Erin McGivney

SOUND DESIGN: Source Sound Inc. LA
Sound Designers: Charles Deenen, Csaba Wagner
Sound Editing: Braden Parkes
Sound Mix: Charles Deenen
Original Music: Joshua Crispin


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