Fargo Season 2 with Dana Gonzales


Last Updated: November 13, 2015 2:57 am GMT
(Boston, Massachusetts--November 13, 2015) Today we discuss Fargo season 2 with Director of Photography Dana Gonzales and we learn how he achieves the drastically different, yet familiar look of this new season.

Spotlight: Dana Gonzales
Dana Gonzales is the brilliant cinematographer and Director of Photography for the hit FX television series FARGO. After an award winning season 1, Dana shares his techniques for creating this seasons 1979 period look. We also discuss Dana's process for creating his looks and what inspired the visual language of Fargo season 2. You'll be surprised how the small details make a big difference.

  • Shooting a 1979 Fargo

  • The differences between shooting for a film vs. a TV series

  • How the photography of William Eggleston inspired season 2

  • Dana's process in creating a visual language for his projects

  • Why the Cooke Speed Panchro lenses were the secret to this seasons dynamic look

  • Shooting Alexa and Red Scarlett together

  • The artistry of Noah Hawley

  • Shooting with only a flashlight

  • Why Dana chose the Ronin over the Steadicam

  • and more...


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