Filmmaker Jordan Brady Launches Commercial Directors Bootcamp


Last Updated: November 18, 2015 7:18 pm GMT
(Dallas, Texas--November 18, 2015) Seasoned directors rarely share secrets, especially in a field as competitive and saturated as Commercial Directing. Jordan Brady is different. With nearly 1,000 national TV commercials to his credit, and counting, Brady feels an obligation to share what he’s learned. “Yes, we live in a world of tighter budgets where everyone is a ‘filmmaker’,” he said. “But the path to a healthy industry is openness, mentoring and an embrace of community. There are no secrets in a shared economy.” To that end, Brady launched his Commercial Directors Bootcamp, beginning with a daylong seminar in Los Angeles in September and continuing in Dallas on December 19.

"I’ve been a longtime listener of Jordan’s podcast, and was instantly on board the moment I saw he was doing a workshop,” said Filmmaker Jeff Hoferer, who attended the LA bootcamp. “He did not disappoint. I’ve never met a director of Jordan’s caliber who’s so willing to share insight into the industry he works in. It’s truly refreshing. From one director to another – this bootcamp is money well spent.”

Inspired in part by Werner Herzog’s Rogue Film School, which is about “a way of life” as opposed to technique, Brady’s boot camp is not a film school, “although we cover film craft,” he said. “This is about how the business works, how to approach filmmaking for commercials and how to make a living as a filmmaker in advertising.” While the advertising landscape has experienced tremendous upheaval amidst a recession and the digital revolution, Brady points out that the needs of brands - and their expectations of filmmakers - remain the same. “Especially in today’s world, becoming a successful commercial director begins with learning how to become a good one,” he observed, “and to whatever extent I can share that, I’m happy to do so.” If Brady holds any concerns at all about sharing too much of that secret sauce, he’s not letting on. “Look, no two directors are alike,” he affirmed. “I know, because I’ve bid against both of them.”

Brady's true passion is commercials, yet he's directed five features films, including the 2010 cult hit feature documentary I AM COMIC (Netflix, Showtime), a Who’s Who of standup comedy launching a filmmaking journey through the current boom that has made him the definitive biographer of the medium's modern era. Even more of today’s top stand ups appeared in Brady’s 2014’s I AM ROAD COMIC (Hulu). Brady also hosts the popular podcast RESPECT THE PROCESS, described by Special Teams film editor-turned-director Mark Nickelsburg as “The Rosetta Stone of filmmaking.” Brady’s guests over 100+ episodes have included Adam McKay, Morgan Spurlock, Mike Bigelow, Bobcat Goldthwait, McCann Worldwide Global ECD Bill Wright and Leo Burnett Detroit CCO Steve Chavez, Doner Detroit ECD Chuck Meehan and upcoming two-parter with Marcus Nispel.

Perhaps Brady boot camper Nar Williams summed it up best: “If you’re a filmmaker looking to become a Jedi-level commercial director,” the attendee concluded, “you’ve just found your Obi-Wan.”

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