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Last Updated: November 23, 2015 6:40 am GMT
(Tokyo, Japan--November 23, 2015) Cutters Tokyo assistant editor Aika Miyake has been promoted to the position of editor, effective immediately. The announcement was made by film editor and Cutters Tokyo managing director Ryan McGuire, along with Timo Otsuki, the studio's executive producer.

Aika Miyaki by Eric Micotto (http://ericmicotto.com

Born in Japan and perfectly bilingual, Aika studied and worked as a filmmaker in America before returning to Tokyo in 2006. In early 2012 Ryan, Timo, Aika and their colleagues set out together to establish their new venture at the top of Japan's creative industry. As an assistant editor supporting Ryan, one of Aika's first major commercial projects was the Nike Baseball "The Pledge" spot for Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo, which went on to win the Grand Prix and the Craft Award for Best Editing at Japan's 2013 ACC Awards. Over time, the relationships with W+K, Beacon Communications and other agencies and directors have grown exponentially in Japan, Shanghai and well beyond.

Last year, Aika joined Ryan to co-edit W+K Tokyo's Facebook campaign – the brand's first major advertising campaign in Japan. More recent campaigns she has edited include work for Uniqlo, Nike and Pampers. The Pampers "Mom's First Birthday" film produced for Beacon Communications earned AdFest, AD STARS, New York Festivals and One Show honors, and at the Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity recently held in Singapore, brought home one Bronze Spike in the Direction category, and more Bronze Spikes in the Digital, Film Craft and Media categories.

"Aika is a force," Ryan began. "I had my eyes on her since Cutters Tokyo was a doodle on the back of a napkin. She was then, and is even more now, a challenging, relentless, creative mind. Aika's clients are taken with her because she's all in. And of course, because she's awesome."

"As a creative editor, I have learned how to wrap my head around projects and find amazing ways to tell stories," said Aika. "It was a discovery of self when I found out how much I love weaving emotions and feelings into storylines and moving pictures. Cutters has helped me re-discover my love of film editing."

Her newest work is another partnership with W+K Tokyo... the first-ever campaign in Japan for Booking.com.

Having worked alongside Aika and Ryan to bring their goals to fruition in Tokyo, Timo's appreciation for her talents is keen. "I have watched Aika grow," he added. "I always knew she had what it takes to become a truly great editor. She has come up through difficult times and risen as a leader. With Aika completing our creative team, we are ready for any creative challenge that comes our way."

To view Aika's latest works on YouTube, visit http://bit.ly/AIKAyt.

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