Vidcheck Awarded Patent for Advanced Digital Media Quality Control Process


Last Updated: December 7, 2015 10:41 am GMT
(Bristol, UK--December 7, 2015) Vidcheck, provider of advanced applications to check and correct file-based video and audio content, has been granted patent protection for the core process used to interrogate and auto-correct digital video and audio signals. UK Patent GB 2475260, granted to Vidcheck founder and CEO Thomas Dove, covers major improvements in the techniques available for correcting out-of-specification video and audio signal levels.

"The patent defines the intellectual property implemented across our entire product range," comments Vidcheck COO Howard Twine. "This is the process which propelled Vidcheck to the forefront of video and audio signal assessment and correction. The patent gives formal recognition to the company and its founder for pioneering a technology which is greatly superior to traditional video and audio legalisation."

Video and audio content supplied to broadcasters is normally expected to conform to industry standard parameters. Signals exceeding permitted levels are deemed 'illegal'. Traditional methods of limiting or correcting illegal signal levels can have a negative impact on video or audio quality. Linear scaling of all image values, for example, has the undesirable effect of reducing contrast and colour intensity across the whole picture. When applied to audio data, linear scaling causes a similar reduction in dynamic contrast.

The Vidcheck patent defines a multi-stage process based on the concept of the 'connected area'. Vidcheck products perform this algorithm quickly and transparently. All correction activity is logged and specific levels can be set to issue an alert.

Supporting sub-SD, SD, HD, UHD, 4K, 8K and mixed workflows, Vidchecker is an easy to install application for use on PCs or servers running the Microsoft Windows operating system. It is designed for checking file-based video before and after distribution, and for use by broadcasters for checking files received from post production and content distributors to ensure that file, video and audio parameters and levels are correct and ready for general transmission. Vidchecker tests and corrects four files at a time, providing a highly efficient alternative to checking conformance by eye and hand. It can also automatically and intelligently correct video and audio levels. The Vidchecker GUI is accessed through a web browser either on the local machine or remotely over a network.

Vidcheck's Vidfixer includes all the QC and correction facilities of Vidchecker plus additional correction and transcoding. It can take mezzanine file formats (IMX, XDCAM, AVC-I, DVCPro, ProRes, DNxHD, JPEG2000), perform automatic QC and automatically correct video, audio and format errors. It can then output corrected files re-encoded to match the original format or transcoded to different user formats (MPEG-2, H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, ProRes, MP4, DV).

About Vidcheck

Vidcheck ( is a major innovator in the design and production of software for automated quality control and automated correction of file-based media. Vidcheck personnel have unrivalled experience in the QC of file-based video, having been closely involved in this technology from its inception.

Vidcheck software is used by many of the world's leading broadcasters, content distributors, archive organisations and post-production companies. It provides a comprehensive check of the overall file, video and audio parameters and can perform intelligent correction of most common errors that can occur in the signal stream.

Vidcheck software automatically takes advantage of multi-core and multi-thread processors to process multiple files simultaneously. The software can be upgraded to add extra features or to achieve higher throughput.

Vidcheck is active globally via resellers in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa and Australasia.


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